We dissected a beef eye in A & P2!!!

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And it was great!!! I had A & P 2 lab last night...and I was quite surprised that we were going to do this. We were just going over the chapter on Blood in our Monday evening lecture class. I really wish we would have thoroughly covered the chapter on Eye and Ear. There is so much information to remember about the eye and ear. Anyway there were only 3 people in my lab group...which I loved...we dissected the eye and had to identify different parts...the sclera, choroid, optic nerve, muscles..etc. I can't wait to do it again!!!


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Isn't the eye amazing?

I think in my A&P courses we did a sheep's eye... no, a sheep heart.. so maybe it was a cow eye.

I used to always think - Gross! how could anyone be an optometrist... but after that, I was fascinated! :)


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We get to do the same this term. Looking forward to that & the sheep's brain!


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I disected a sheep's eye, kidney, brain and heart. I took them home so my kids could see them and whe Thanksgiving came my oldest son asked me to disect the turkey's heart. I did it, but I don't know how, cause it was so small!!

I love showing things to my kids! Its easier for me to learn if I can teach my kids as I go!

Good Luck and ENJOT!!!!


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Our labs have computer cadavers.

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We're doing fetal pigs.


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Originally posted by LoriB

Our labs have computer cadavers.

Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to mention it was a cow's eye.



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We were lucky and used human cadavers. Two each semester. I was the lucky one who got to remove the brain in two of the cadavers! I have to say it was a fascinating class and I enjoyed it. Hard as hell and it was especially difficult in the Spring semester when I was taking Nutrition, Chem, English 102, and A & P II. The other A & P professor was using cats. I did that in high school and didn't really think it would be beneficial to my career choice, so I went with the other professor. He also made us do drug cards throughout the semesters so that we were prepared a little for Pharmacology (which, I must say is my favorite class this semester over Foundations of Nursing and Health Assessment).:D


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We did the sheep eye. Then not to long after that lab, some friends and me watched Fear Factor Las Vegas. If anyone else saw you know what I am talking about. They had to eat a fish eye, sheep eye, and cow eye. I was tickled! I grossed my friends out by describing what it looked like when you cut one open and how that stuff squirting out was the aqueous humor ect. ect. They finally told me to shut up. :)


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Yeah, we're doing a fetal pig too, but not until A&P III


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I feel bad for those that don't get to use actual organs, it is so much different than books or even computer models.

We did: cow's eye, cow's heart, sheep's brain, and entire cats. It was only gross for about the first 10 minutes - after that it was fascinating.


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I felt the same way about the cadavers. It was a bit unnerving to go into the lab and see actual dead people laying there. But after a few minutes, you just forget they are people and look at them as learning tools. I have to say the coolest part was getting to take out the brain and hold it in my hand. I don't think I will ever get a chance to do that again and am thankful that my professor gave us the opportunity to do it. It's so hard to believe that this folded up mass of tissue is responsible for everything we are and everything we do. The human body is truly an incredible piece of machinery and I have so much more respect for it after actually getting to touch and feel inside of it.

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