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AllNurses is honestly such a blessing. So many people take the time out of their lives to share advice, study strategies, emotional support, and much more. This website welcomes future nurses, current nurses, and retired nurses. This includes everybody on the Nursing team. I feel as though AllNurses is my support system at times. Total strangers will spend lots of their time to answer a simple question I have posted. I have seen so many "Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!" and "Don't give up, you can do it!" The amount of support on this anonymous website it amazing. So what do you think? I think that this website is more than a group of strangers. I think that we are the AllNurses family.


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So overall.... Thank you to everybody for their kind words and help :)

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I love this site!! I joined the day I found it and feel deprived if I don't get on for more than a day. :)

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I think that this site for the most part, is the BEST of nursing; posters using their insight and expertise-career and life experience-to exchange ideas and information. I don't know a better site that does this as well as AN.


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This is definitely a great community to seek help and answers!


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We are family, with or without the red scrubs:


Aspiring nurse 1122 you have summarised it well. I love reading the articles on this site

and there is nothing as good as feeling understood by others even when u haven't spoken.

By reading what is going on in other nurses work life and students too a huge learning lesson.


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This site has been very helpful to me and I have received a lot of encouragement over the years from the other Nurses here. "We" only know what we do, "they" don't understand- peers helping peers, it's a beautiful thing!

It is often said how veteran Nurses are cruel to the newbies and we "eat our young", I think Allnurses shows that is not always the case.

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I think for the most part this is a supportive place. We may not always like what is said, but (again for the most part) people are just trying to be helpful. I think this shows that Nurses are like everyone else. I do think this is a great place to ask questions and seek support. :yes: