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I am about to graduate and will be applying for my WA state license. I have two misdemeanors for petty theft from 12 and 10 years ago. Has anyone gone through this with a similar background? I have heard stories from CA of the license taking 6-9 months to go through with misdemeanors.

Thank you!

What is the outcome?

Each state is very different. If you go to Texas, the BON clearly stated that it will not "take any action if criminal conviction entered more than 5 years before licensure." If the crime is a more serious one, if it happened more than 10 years, it states "it will take no action."

Please update your status and let us know. It is not hopeless unless you are giving up. There is always hope somewhere and you have to look for it. Good luck.

Thank you! I graduated 12/15, started my application right away, sent my fingerprints and official court documents to the WA BON just before Christmas, tested on 1/9, my license was active on 1/24, and I got a job right away. Right now I am applying for my OR license and that is taking a bit longer however. I completed my application on 9/10 and am still waiting.

Thank you for sharing! I am happy to see a happy ending. Let's look forward! This is America and no one can tell you what is not possible in your life. ?‍?

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i am moving to washington state but have a clean record but i had a dui when i was 18 but even now at 32 it may show up on your record even of i had one beer or whatever...you just have to see what shows up on your record ahead of time so they can't say you trying to lie if they see additional stuff...hope that helps....also you guys in washington state feel free to post anything on my profile i don't know anyone out there and will be moving to washington st in june

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