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Anyone else who applied to WSU for Fall 2012? I filed my application on time (Jan 15, 2012), and got my transcripts to NursingCAS by the Feb 1, 2012 deadline. I just checked and it looks like... Read More

  1. by   kasko
    I have my interview tomorrow in Spokane at 11:00 Hope it works out well!
  2. by   Missjohnson
    Kasko how was ur interview? Mine is next Saturday at 430 I'm so nervous!
  3. by   kasko
    It is much MUCH MUCH easier than you think! The people are very friendly and show you around the school and make you feel comfortable. Then you get called into a room with 3 people and pick an envelope from a basket. in the envelope there will be 6-8 questions that each interviewer will take turns asking. When you answer make sure you are saying it from the heart, and say it like you mean it because they hear the same answers over and over again. Some of the questions you should prepare for are:
    Why do you want to be a nurse?
    How do you deal with stress?
    How do you confront your own biases?
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years professionally?
    How would you get a group of people to resolve a problem?
    If you were the interviewer, what question would you ask of a prospective nursing student?

    I hope this helps! Best wishes on your interview! I think I did very good, but I will actually be declining if I get accepted because I just received my acceptance from UW's BSN program!

    Oh and dress nicely,like black dress pants and jacket. I can't believe that some people didn't when I went!
  4. by   Pleasant P
    Awesome advise Kasko... It was pretty much just like that! Very laid back... Just be honest!
  5. by   Missjohnson
    Thanks kasko! That helps a lot
  6. by   kasko
    your welcome tell me how it goes
  7. by   Missjohnson
    My interview went really well they asked me questions like: 1. What was your favorite college course ever and why? 2. Why are the humanities courses important for your nursing career 3. What was a conflict you've faced and how did you solve it 3. Howl different cultures affect how people choose their healthcare 4. If you were writing a paper and two people weren't contributing how would u go about solving that problem. 5. Whats a way you got to be creative and how did you share that with others I'm writing this on an iPad so the formatting and all is messed up and I can't see what ive already typed so sorry if there are errors! I loved the facility it was amazing it made me want to go there even more!
  8. by   Pleasant P
    Yes MissJohnson, they are so nice! I fell in love with the staff and other students too! I really like them and will gladly accept them if they send me an offer! Are you a transfer student? Do you know when they will send out offers? The waiting game begins! Your questions seem a bit harder than mine! They asked me about how I deal with criticism and that caught me off guard, but I think I answered well! I really hope I get in!
  9. by   Missjohnson
    Pleasant P- I agree, they were so kind and seemed like they really wanted us to relax and be comfortable and ultimately just succeed and be in their program! Awe it was so awesome it just re assured me that I want to be there so badly, so like you, if I'm offered I will definitely be accepting. I am a student applying from Eastern, living in Spokane, what about you, are you currently in school and if so where? Yes, I'll admit when they asked the humanities course question I was totally thrown off guard I had to stop and try and remember what courses fall under humanities before I could answer the question and had a brain freeze for a second! Yikes, but it did come to me so I think I did well. It was definitely more laid back then I had pictured it in my head. I hope we both are accepted. If I am I kno I will be jumping for joy and celebrating like no other hehe
  10. by   Missjohnson
    Oh and I was sent an email a while back that said something about hearing back at the end of April or beginning of may. The wait will be so suspenseful!
  11. by   kasko
    Im glad your interviews went well! Good luck!
  12. by   Pleasant P
    Yes, wishing us both luck!!! When I went to the Spokane campus, I kinda wished I hadn't selected the Yakima campus... I just thought the Spokane campus was perfect! I am sure the Yakima campus will be too! I am done with school... I live in King County near Seattle! I didn't realize those who went to Eastern had to still be interviewed... thought you guys just got in? They put you on the spot with the humanities haha... your brain goes dead, because it was so not what you expected! Make sure to come back if you get in... If we both do... That would be sooooooo awesome!!!
  13. by   Cassias78
    Has anyone received an admission letter from WSU?