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Hi everyone :) I was wondering if anyone has thoughts or experiences with St. Joseph Medical Center. My Mom tells me (from her experience there when she was pregnant) that its a wonderful... Read More

  1. by   itri4vt
    Chemdawg, the recruiter was correct. They don't have specific "residency" programs or positions posted. I also graduated in December from a school in VA, and I got one call about St. Clare's ED while I was still in VA, but since I couldn't drop in for an interview they didn't choose to go the phone interview route.

    Since moving here I've had 4 interviews, and I've applied to probably 200 jobs, maybe 30 of those being specific to new grads. I was very close to getting a Swedish ER job, but was beat out by an internal candidate who had been a tech there. Extremely disappointing...

    I took a job in home healthcare and I'm going to keep doing that until I find a hospital job. I suggest looking on Craigslist and apply to clinics, community programs/health departments, skilled nursing facilities and home health.

    Also, I would avoid telling whomever you're applying to or interviewing with that your husband is military and that you'd be moving in 3-5 years. Nobody wants to hire someone that may only be temporary (esp a new grad that they're gonna drop 10-15,000 on to train).

    Good luck!
  2. by   chemdawg
    Thanks so much for the quick reply for I was worried that maybe there was a different listing for the residencies and the recruiters might be getting tired of seeing me apply to jobs I am underqualified for. I have also been told that the surrounding areas are military friendly and I do hope that is true for I can only be honest when they ask that familiar question as to why you left your last job. I am staying busy with a part time cashier job and working on my BSN in August. I too have applied for many positions and have had very little success in landing interviews but the phone and in person interview I did get I look upon as a learning tool for in school they did not go over that part very thoroughly. Should you come upon any information about job fairs and want to share the information I would very much appreciate it and I will do the same. I will keep active in my search here and hope that we both have a different perception on this subject to share with others this time next year.
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  3. by   DC Collins
    Quote from itri4vt
    (esp a new grad that they're gonna drop 10-15,000 on to train)
    Good luck!
    More like $65,000 over the entire first year, what with all the classes, pairing you up with an experienced nurse and having to pay you both, etc. At least in the ED. This is St. Clare specific and what I was told by the manager.
  4. by   tokmom
    Quote from seneyka
    St.Joe's hired around 300's of new grad for residency last summer 2009. There are still openings in other local hospital of Franciscan Health System (such as ST.Clare in Lakewood, ST.Anthony in Gig Harbor, St.Francis in Federal way). If u r interested, try to apply now since they have couple more openings.
    Med-Surg AM shift are very very busy, Eve shifts are busy still, not sure of night shift. Most people prefer Night shift to learn things and not to be overwhelmed by the MD orders+ Discharging pt and then admitting pt after the other left.

    Team work there is very good. Charge nurse and other RNs help out a lot.
    St Elizabeth in Enumclaw. Don't forget the newest sister.
  5. by   tokmom
    I think most people are happy with Franciscan. The education they offer is amazing. It's all FREE! They really expect their nurses to be on top of their game and keep themselves current on various topics that you go over every year at fair day.
    I'm very happy to be within the Franciscan system and have truly found my niche. I hope all the other posters that want to work at any of sisters gets hired on.
  6. by   tokmom
    Quote from tk0224
    Well from what I understood there was an expansion in their critical care program - this would make sense for hiring more staff . I guess I will be the judge myself when I start Being unionized is also a bonus no? There should be recourse for unhappy staff at a unionized facility.
    St Joe is WSNA. St Francis and Anthony are NOT unionized. Just an FYI. St Elizabeth is SEIU 1199 NW. Not sure what Clare is..I used to know but have forgotten. I want to say WSNA....
  7. by   chemdawg
    I am thankful for all the words of advice, I am starting a residency program with St. Clares and it did not bother them that i was military. I have a proven record of longevity at my previous jobs and believe that helped. Very excited and hope that other new grads find their niche.
  8. by   itri4vt
    Lucky you! Good job and congratulations.
  9. by   tokmom
    Congrats! I think you got in at a good time. I heard from the CEO that they are going to tighten their belt when it comes to hiring. This was on the heels of the Mulitcare lay offs. FHS says they are financially stable and they want to stay that way.
  10. by   LalaJJB
    St joes is great. In my 4th quarter of nursing school we had two recruiters come talk to our class. The reason for their visit was to discuss hiring new grads and how to get hired when nursing school is finished. They said ADN students and BSN students are looked at the same when it comes to clinical nursing. These days basically the only way to get a job is to have previous experience with the company... therefore becoming a nurse tech while in school. If you perform well, and they have the budget, you are basically a shoe-in. The only tough part about that is to make a great cover letter and resume so they can consider you.
  11. by   tokmom
    You don't know who is BSN and who isn't within Franciscan. Another thing I like about it, is there are a lot of nurses in higher management jobs, whereas some have non medical bean counters.
    FHS is going to restructure their nursing model and is cutting some spending on the heals of Multi Care. I guess FHS is 30% of CHI's profit. That is huge! It also makes us a bullseye. We don't have a lot of overage at our hospital so I hope they leave us alone.
  12. by   GucciBeaR143
    This gives me hope =D
  13. by   GucciBeaR143
    How is the ED there? Staff wise?