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  1. Okay, perhaps I was a little arroganant in thinking since I have a nursing degree, I could just get in my car with my u-haul in tow and just get a nursing job once I moved to Washington (I will be there around the 1st half of June). I have never been more wrong. I started realizing my stupidity after calling just a few hospitals to see what was out there, but after talking to the nurse recruiters, I realized that I need to start calling them all. So after calling hospital after hospital along the west coast, I'm started coming to terms that it might be awhile before I find a job. The only hospital experience I have is rehab. I also worked contract with a home health agency. The rehab floors (hospital-based) that I worked on were a lot like med-surg floors with a 8:1 (sometimes 9:1) ratio. We did almost everything you would do on a med-surg floor. The only, real difference that I could see was we would keep our patients a little longer than on a med-surg floor. Please, if anybody out there could help me by telling me of a possible position out there, I would really appreciate it. I will work on just about any floor. I can work days, evenings, weekends, but I'm not a night nurse. I don't have it in me. Oh, and I'm an RN. You can PM me if you want. Thanks again.
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  3. by   kat7ap
    Hi there. I don't know much about hospital rehab units, but there are many medicare rehab units around in nursing homes that sound very similar to the work you have done. These could be an option to you if you have trouble getting a hospital job right away. I worked for a few months at one when I first moved here last fall. It's usually extremely easy to get hired on right away if you need a job ASAP and while your looking for a more ideal position. Good luck to you!
  4. by   whiskeygirl
    Actually, I do know of a position that I think would apply. And, I think you would be able to write your own ticket, you pcik the shift you want to work. ATM, they are down 2 FTEs I think. I really liked the people and the staff.
    I will PM you.
    Good luck and drive safe!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   bklynborn
    come to bellingham lots of jobs here.
  6. by   cmc4n6
    Could you tell me a little more about Bellingham jobs? Thanks!
  7. by   bklynborn
    go to then clic on whatcom region good luck in your search
  8. by   sum07
    Go here:

    You can look for positions for both the Univ of WA Med Center and Harborview Med Center at this site. When you reach the website just click External Applicant Login and in Category, choose Nursing - you'll get a list of positions available at both locations.