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  1. sum07

    New Grad & UW

    Actually, my friend was a new grad in June (Seattle U) and got hired into Harborview's Neuro ICU. So it is possible! We have 4 seasons and it rains more in NYC. We just have more cloudy days. Traffic and parking used to be okay. But in the past few years there seems to have been an influx of people to the area. The bus system is good and they're working on a lightrail system. It's a small city, the people are smart and nice, but we hate Californians and those who complain about the rain.
  2. sum07

    first year student

    welcome to the club :) I've only been in school for 4 weeks, but my program has been really good about letting us express our anxiety and issues. Let's just say that our communication lab is basically group therapy! Hopefully your program has some outlet like that. Deep breathing. We all feel the same way. We will get through it!
  3. sum07

    Any Positive Nursing School Experiences

    I just started nursing school 4 weeks ago and love it! But I think your experiences will depend on your program and your attitude. From the very beginning the teachers in my program told us that its no longer about the 4.0 and competing against each other - instead, we have to learn how to work together and help each other out .. because you are not going to be working by yourself when you're a nurse. I think the people who get upset with nursing school are those who are obsessed with the 4.0, those who refuse to change, or those who are in a program that just wants to churn out technically competent nurses. "We can teach a monkey how to take a blood pressure." "Trust with a capital T." Trust them. Trust that everything they do is for a reason.
  4. sum07

    Slap in the face

    The thing that EVERYONE keeps telling us first quarter students is to "Forget the 4.0!" .. which is extremely hard for me, but I'm slowly letting things be. Do you think you need to adjust your study style? Does your program have a Successful Test Taking strategies CD-ROM program? I don't know how big your program is on stressing critical thinking - but ours is huge. We are given outcomes to know each week. The professors stress knowing the "who, what, where, when, how" of each outcome. Understand the concepts, be able to relate it to situations. Don't just "study" - learn. Don't give up! :spin: I think as pre-nursing students, we were so focused on competition. But now as nursing students, you're all in it together. Help each other succeed. Ask for help if/when you need it.
  5. sum07

    where can i find free articles?

    thanks everyone! we just had library orientation today and the librarian gave us a bunch of databases we could search. so i think i'm set! =)
  6. Does anyone know any websites where I can get/search for free nursing articles? I have to do a few presentations on articles and I can't seem to find any free articles. Help?
  7. sum07


    We have a set of 'outcomes' to answer every week - so my study group splits them up and everyone is responsible for a certain outcome. Motivation for me not to procrastinate :spin: I found that if I keep a running list in my head of things to do/read, I get overwhelmed and end up procrastinating. So I write a list of readings/assignments by class just so its not all in my head.
  8. sum07

    Lack of Confidence, I don't think I can do this!!

    You CAN do it. I felt the same way during CNA training clinicals. You will learn as you go, trust me. I start my clinicals for nursing school next Monday and I know that we have at least two days of orientation. If you have orientation also, I suggest that afterwards you get a group together and practice the skills just to get your confidence up. Also, talk to your classmates. You'd be surprised at how everyone feels pretty much the same as you - overwhelmed, scared, on the verge of tears if they haven't already cried. :spin: If you need help during clinical, ask your classmates, ask your CNA, ask your nurse. No one expects us, as students, to know everything.
  9. sum07

    Oh my God!! I need help!

    That's so unfortunate! I'm sure if you call them first thing tomorrow and explain your situation, they'll give you a chance. I mean, it can't hurt trying right? Good luck!
  10. sum07

    What should I get??

    I'm kind of in the same situation where money is tight. So I have to spend my money wisely. Aside from all the required stuff for the program (tuition, textbooks, uniform, stethescope, penlight, nametag), I only bought dividers. But then again I have a lot of school stuff at home - pens, binders, paper, stapler, 3-hole punch, etc.
  11. sum07

    new student

    I bought all my books on amazon (a few new, most used) and saved $350 if I bought them new at the bookstore, $115 if I bought them used.
  12. sum07

    study NCLEX books while in school?

    okay, thanks everyone! Saunders seems to be the popular choice - I'll check it out.
  13. What does everyone think of studying NCLEX review books while in nursing school?
  14. sum07

    Self Teaching Skills

    I haven't started my program yet, but we have a 2-hr skills lab each week - in which I assume they'll be teaching us skills. We also have a book, Kozier & Erb's Techniques in Clinical nursing, that goes through a bunch of skills. If your instructor won't teach you, I would suggest buying a skills book if you don't have one already.
  15. sum07

    Relocating Nursing Student

    Here are the CC's that I can think of that are in/around the Seattle area: Seattle Central (RN-ADN) South Seattle (LPN/RN) North Seattle (LPN only) suburbs: Shoreline (LPN/RN-ADN) Bellevue (RN-ADN) Admittance to Shoreline is points-based. It's also a pretty good program. Admittance to Seattle Central is first-come, first-served - or it was.
  16. sum07

    Skill Test On Tuesday

    For my state, WA, changing a brief wasn't on our list of tested skills - thankfully! I really didn't want to get catheter or peri care. I ended up getting: washing hands, feeding, partial bed bath, fingernail care, and recording pulse. My advice for you is to breath :spin: Don't get yourself too nervous. Remember the important things - wash hands before and after every skill, provide privacy, make sure the bed is in a low position, and the call light is close to the resident. Oh and remember to wash your hands for 15-20s because one girl I tested with washed for 14s and they failed her on the spot. Good luck!!