Mt St. Helen's

  1. You know it must be spring when Mt St Helen's burps....
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  3. by   curleysue
    I live near Portland, OR and saw the mountain burp at about 5:30pm when it spit out a bunch of ash and smoke. It was an awsome site. I was just excited for lava flow!! Curleysue
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Uhhhh, I think it did more than just burp......I was at work when it happened, and it was all any of the patients could talk about! It sure looked serious this'll be interesting to see what happens.
  5. by   smk1
    yep was just heading out to a evening class when i saw the plume fly up.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    My hubby is an avid weather/natural disaster, etc follower and he is soooo excited to see this..and actually be living in the area. He drug me from Texas to go to the observatory a few years back. Now he gets to watch awe...and of course we all pray we won't see the destruction that occured years back.
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  7. by   nesher
    That does seem to to be the bottom line about volcanos - blow up but just don't hurt anyone
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Are those of you who live closer experiencing any tremors? I am 100 miles away...probably good from a safety standpoint eh.
  9. by   kids
    MattsMom, has your husband found the CVO website? I can easily kill an afternoon reading and looking at pictures.

    We have had no tremors here in Vancouver or at my cousin's place 30 miles closer to MSH.
    For the most part all of seismic activity has been shallow, of low intensity and centered directly below the dome.
    The U of W and USGS maintain 7 Webicorders on and around the mountain (and several mountains).

    Intellectually I know that May 18, 1980 was an unusual set of circumstances that no longer exist but I have a little PTSD left over from it that has flared a bit in the last 6 months. I cope with the whole think by spending a LOT of time looking at the seismisity and watching trends.

    This is a link to the 2004-2005 activity in cronological order.

    And this is a really cool link to a Windows Media Player file of almost daily pictures taken of the dome taken by a fixed position camera. Pay extra attention to the area just left of center.
  10. by   mattsmom81
    Ooh Kids-r-Fun, my DH thanks you in advance for the links!

    He is one who can watch the weather channel across the country and stay interested for hours...also 'storm chases' tornados, etc. He is fascinated by MSH...

    I think he should have been a meterologist or something similar...LOL.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    I felt another tremble in my 3rd floor apt last night...and sure enough , heard their was a 3.2 quake reported. I guess everyone gets used to these up here...I'm still adjusting.
  12. by   curleysue
    You must live really close to Mt. Saint Helens. I am from Eastern Oregon so I don't feel it. I heard on the news channel today that the USGS service is thinking with the increase in magnitude and activity of earthquakes, the mountain might have another burp. Monday though there was so much fog and clouds that nobody could see it if anything were to happen. I am excited to see some lava flow sometime. But not enough to harm anybody or homes. I think that would be exciting.

    Take care. Curleysue
  13. by   mattsmom81
    Hi Curleysue! I'm still learning about everything up here...the source of the mini quake came from near Oak Harbor so guess that is why I felt it in Port Orchard...too far for you to feel most likely. They are really very mild, just surprising to me...when things shook in Texas a train or a tornado was coming...LOL!!

    I watched a report on the tsunami disaster and our coastline is ripe for that too, experts say, altho I'm likely safe where I am, those west of me could have troubles. Guess when we move we just have different natural disasters to worry about now eh.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    you will reach a point where you dont feel anything less than about 5.5....i have anyhow.