Is it really hard to find a job as LPN in WA?

  1. hi we're just hoping to move some where in Washington state... Not just Seattle. We are terrified that we may not find a job anywhere as a LPN there. My dad is a newly grad LPN but he does do spinal and he has worked for another big hospital for 10 years before becoming a LPN. He also is trying to be a RN within a year. He would like to be in the rush of a hospital again but for now he just works at the Veterans Affair's here.

    How hard is it to get a job as a LPN in WA? Is one area better than the other?

    Also is this about right?
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  3. by   gaius
    this is a medical board..i do not understand the delay. all im looking for is a yes or no at least. can someone please answer me
  4. by   pererau
    If it is the rush of the hospital you are looking for, you may be disappointed, because most hospitals around here are doing away with LPNs in favor of RNs. That said, Group Health hires a lot of LPNs for their clinics and urgent care centers.

    Good luck.
  5. by   Coloradogrl
    I think as long as you are willing to work in LTC you will be able to find a job b/c they always seem to be hiring LPN's and some seem to have a high turn over rate. Most states really aren't hiring LPN's in hospitals anymore and if they do they are paying extremely low wages and from 2 of my friends that worked for short times on Med Surg floors they said they were doing CNA work mostly.
  6. by   kat7ap
    I just answered a similar question in another post this is basically what I said:

    It's difficult to get hired at a hospital as an LPN but not impossible. You will find the most job openings in LTC and Doctor's Offices and Clinics. There are still some hospitals that hire LPNs occasionally you just have to always be looking, applying and patient! I left my hospital job in September making about $19.50/hr plus shift and weekend differentials.

    Your dad should have no problem getting a job, but it may not be in a hospital like he wants. Working in a skilled nursing rehab floor can be similar to a med surg floor in the hospital and he will gain plenty of good experience, but it can be very stressful with high patient loads. Since he plans on getting his RN soon, it could be a good option for him to look at if he cannot get a hospital position. As a new grad in or near Seattle he should be making at least $17/hr base in a hospital or clinic and $19/hr base in LTC. was a helpful website for me when I was job searching.
  7. by   gaius
    thanks also would spinal/neuro make a difference? Do the pay compliment the location you're working in?
  8. by   dallet6
    I found something on my community college website that said new RN grads in spokane would make 14-17 an hour. That seems way lower than everything I've heard.
  9. by   DaFreak71
    I just moved to Washington in November (Vancouver) and I've had a heck of a time finding a job. I've literally applied for EVERY job (even those I wasn't qualified for--just hoping to get my foot in the door) and only got three replies. One from a methadone clinic for 10 hours per week, one at a LTC facility that even if offered the job I would not have taken it--the place was a hell hole, and finally I found a job (just finished orientation). Avail Home Health hires new grads. There aren't many cases in the Vancouver area, but in bigger areas there are more. They are located in Yakima. Pay is 16 per hour for new grad lpn's.

    Hope this helps!
  10. by   gaius
    thank you
  11. by   Fairlythere
    Just saw this post, in the Whatcom County area, Bellingham, there is a hospital here that hires LPNs for ED, Mother Baby Post Partum and one med/surg floor. At this time there are a couple openings in the ED I think. Check out Good Luck.
  12. by   gaius
    We just sent off for the license. Will it matter if we don't have a physical license yet, but still in the system or will we HAVE to have a PHYSICAL license to get a job??
  13. by   kids
    Washington doesn't issue a 'physical license' any more.

    The agency I work for part time just entered into an agreement to provide contracted staff to Peacehealth, the hiring freeze in WA was not lifted.
  14. by   gaius
    Quote from kids
    Washington doesn't issue a 'physical license' any more.

    The agency I work for part time just entered into an agreement to provide contracted staff to Peacehealth, the hiring freeze in WA was not lifted.

    Wow thanks, so the 8 week process is just to enter you in the system? I called the boards and they were gaving me the impression that I had to wait for something physical. I was even told I could get a "temporary license" a week or so before my real one. Does this speed the process up or is it still like 8 weeks?