Comparing 3 hospitals-Evergreen, Harrison, and St. Peter's

  1. Hello all,

    I am considering relocating and am looking for information on the following WA state hospitals. Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Providence St. Peter's in Olympia, and Harrison Medical in Bremerton. I am also very interested in St. Anthony's in Gig Harbor but haven't gotten feedback on other posts as it is new. I am looking for feedback from anyone who currently works at any of these hospitals. I have read threads about Providence St. Peter's in the past but how are things currently? The posts I looked at were from a couple of years ago. I would appreciate any and all feedback including staff satisfaction, friendliness of staff, ratios, management, pay rate, anything you would like to share. Thanks!
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  3. by   MaddieRN
    I'm changing my name to the Invisible Woman...
  4. by   hotshot12345
    Well, I never worked for any of those hospitals (I know that's what you wanted). However, a co-worker who used to work at Harrison hated it. The doctors were a-holes and nurses weren't nice at all. But I also know a couple people who worked there. Although I never asked how it was for them.
  5. by   MaddieRN
    Thank you so much for the response. How long ago did your co-worker work there? Again, thanks for the input, I really appreciate it.
  6. by   just_cause
    Not interested in good sam or tacoma general?
  7. by   MaddieRN
    Where is Good Sam? I will need to do a google search as I haven't heard of it. Can you give me some info just_cause about either of the hospitals you mentioned above? Thanks so much.
  8. by   just_cause
    Sure thing!
    Check out
    both hospitals are within this system - which is based out of the tacoma and pacific nw region...
  9. by   jmking
    I've done my clinicals at Evergreen and most of the staff were very nice and cooperative. I have friends that work there and they enjoy it. You may have to live outside of the kirkland area, home prices are high.
  10. by   MaddieRN
    Thank you for your response just_cause and jmking, I appreciate it!
  11. by   love to dive
    I worked as a Travel nurse in Harrison hospital and really LOVED the 2 southeast floor.
    It seemed like a very nice hosp and the people were great. Right now the hosp is going through some hard times and the jobs there are few.
    I just got a perm job in auburn regional hosp in Auburn which is east of Tacoma. The hosp is small 149 bed, but the wages are good and the housing is reasonable. We just rented a 2 bdrm for 810/mo.
    There are lots of openings at Auburn in PCU and ICU.
    The Fransican hospitals which St anthony's is a part of seem to have openings all the time also. I know St Clare in Lakewood needs PCU nurses.
    I really like the Tacoma/Seattle area and am looking forward to living here for awhile!!!
    Good luck
  12. by   stripedsock
    I work at St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor. The hospital is beautiful and the staff have been very nice, considering we are a new hospital and still have issues with supplies and procedures not being available to us at all times. The good thing is that our leadership is aware and working on these issues. As far as staffing goes, we are opening up another floor this month (medical/surgical) and I know they are hiring for both shifts. There are only 12 hour shifts available throughout the entire hospital for RNs, shifts are 7-730 on the floor and 6-630 in ED. St. Anthony is part of the Franciscan Health System (, and this particular hospital is non-union. The nurse ratios are currently 2:1 in ICU/PCU (sometimes 3:1 if all PCU, no CNA), and 4:1 in med/surg (with a CNA). A lot of our staff came from Harrison in Bremerton and left because they didn't like the management of nurses and felt it was unsafe to work there. Then again, I know other people who enjoy working there because they can get a lot of OT.

    I used to work at St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood. It's an older hospital but small, around 110 beds. The PCU floor is a very busy floor. It has 37 beds with a mix of PCU and telemetry patients. The ratio is usually 5:1 (with a CNA). You can go to the Franciscan Health System website to learn more about the hospitals and see pictures. Good luck with your search!
  13. by   MaddieRN
    Thank you so much for your response stripedsock!! I really appreciate it!

  14. by   Nurse4life09
    I would say that Evergreen is the best. Yes its expensive on the eastside, but you can rent for a while and buy later. Harrison is ok, but Bremerton is a naval town and its very isolated from Seattle.