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  1. Hi I am new and I have a quick question on the ACLS. If you knew someone was cheating and it was your supervisor heading it all by handing out the tests, and you go to the head of the dept and nothing is being done what would you do??????????

    Also as an LPN who has passed the test what do you do if you know the RN SUPERVISOR has failed the test and was still doing the same old job and the passing LPN was telling her how to do things because the RN does not KNOW!!!!!?????


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  3. by   LesJenRN
    These days ACLS isnt like it used to be. The answers are pretty much "spoon fed" to you. The goal is to make it a learning experience not a pass/fail thing. It is not high stress like it used to be. I guess it would depend on what "cheating" is in your eyes. Is the supervisor completely incompetent or does she have a basic knowledge of how to function in a code situation? I have seen physicians who couldnt get it right..... If she is a danger to patients, then it is an issue. If she's not lacking in every area it probably isnt that big of deal. Just watch your back.
  4. by   BadBird
    ACLS now is taught in groups, you do your mega codes as a group, take your test as a group. The fear has been taken out of it and it is kinda fun now. No need to cheat or worry just enjoy your day.
  5. by   Blondeblaze2
    The first time I took it was a few years ago and went through a two day course. It was like sweating bullets! Took it about 2 months ago and the girl giving it to me helped me with isnt the same. I didnt even study. Dont sweat it and dont tell on people, will only come back to haunt you...voice of experience
  6. by   teeituptom
    I think Ive taken it 12 times so far
    no biggie

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