WHC residency 2018

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows when should May,2018 graduates apply for the nurse Residency at Washington Hospital Center ? It seems like it's is an ongoing rn residency application that is not separated by fall winter or spring graduates ?

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  3. by   Marcus9403
    I actually applied a few weeks ago for Washington Hospital Center and then did the nurse Battery test. They emailed me back in a week or so and I have my interview scheduled in April for them. I graduate may 2018 also, but I'm pretty sure the cohort application is posted online. They are pretty on top of it when it comes to getting back to you. I applied to Georgetown University Medical Center and still haven't heard anything back from them after I took the nurse battery test for them.
  4. by   thenurseguy88
    Seems like we are in similar circumstances . I also applied for Georgetown and haven't heard anything back after taking the battery i don't know if that's good or bad ? I'll just wait it out . Sorry for so many questions , so you just applied to the position that said RN Residency? And they called you back in a week ? I didn't know they schedule interviews that far out that's why i was hesitant to apply to that job posting . what units are you applying for ? Any tips for the battery test ? You must've done well if they called you back . Thanks !

    Maybe we'll be in the same cohort !
  5. by   Marcus9403
    So I applied to the Burn ICU and MICU for the residency position. As for the nurse battery test, I'm not exactly sure how they want you to answer it. Well they scheduled my interview but it might have been because I'm coming from Tennessee to give me some time to make arrangements with my flight. If you go to the medstar WHC nursing page and click careers, the application is upand going for the nurse residency program.
  6. by   jules7
    I just applied to the WHC residency program (I've already graduated). I remember the recruiter saying that they have one start date for all hospital employees each month so there may be some flexibility, but they do expect big cohorts following Dec/May graduation.

    I already had my interview and will be shadowing on Friday. Good luck, and I'll keep you posted!
  7. by   thenurseguy88
    Thanks ! Good luck to you as well . I worked there before in the OR as a tech it’s an amazing hospital so I’m excited to hopefully work there as a nurse ! What units did you apply to ?
  8. by   jules7
    I applied on 5C (Ortho med-surg). I really liked the nursing director and the nurses I met, and I'm excited to shadow!
  9. by   Nurse2Bee2018
    Any updates on Georgetown? I just received an invitation to interview in Feb.
    I also applied to WHC this week, and I am waiting to hear back from them.
  10. by   thenurseguy88
    Yes i received my invitation today as well for Georgetown to interview in February ! I am also waiting on WHC!
  11. by   Marcus9403
    I just received my invitation also to interview in February.
  12. by   thenurseguy88
    Good luck to all who got interviews ! I also received and email to Interview with WHc they have multiple dates to choose from , is anyone else interviewing ? Marcus9403 you are interviewing at WHc in April right ?
  13. by   jules7
    Hi all! I accepted the position at MWHC, I start at the end of next month! Good luck to you all with your interviews and shoot me a message if you have any questions about DC!
  14. by   jules7
    Hey @thenurseguy88, I haven't posted enough so don't think I can reply to your PM, but here's the info:

    Hey! The nursing director on the ortho floor didn't ask any clinical area specific questions - she asked about dealing with a difficult patient, time you made a mistake, time a family member was unsatisfied with their care, things along that line. I tried to work surgery related examples into those to show subject matter knowledge. On ICU they may ask a few more subject matter questions (urgent patient situations, etc), but maybe that's more to find fit for the ICU setting vs. med surg.

    I interviewed on 12/13, shadowed on the floor 12/22, had an offer on 12/26.

    In re: pay, it's a union hospital so you can read the contract online that includes hourly and differentials info: just search mwhc collective bargaining agreement. I don't think the pay grade changes with non-RN healthcare experience.

    I live in DC in Dupont Circle and love it, but it can be pricey and a few miles from the hospital. There are lots of great neighborhoods very close to the hospital that are affordable - I would look at Shaw, Bloomingdale, Columbia Heights.

    Good luck!