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  1. good online pmhnp programs

    Hello Nurses: Just wondering if anyone had good recc on online PMHNP programs. Preferably, MSN level that will find clinicals? This may be rare, but all information is appreciated.
  2. New Grad NP salary Texas

    Honestly speaking i don't understand the lack of support from seasoned nurses to newer nurses. As one person explained above, newer nurses are returning back to school a lot quicker than previous nurses did 15 years ago, because the opportunities pre...
  3. FNP then Post-Masters in Psych, or straight for PMHNP?

    @AS8812 how are you liking the program at UofA pmhnp? About when did they let you know you were admitted?
  4. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    same here i was rejected as well , but got into another program. Best of luck all
  5. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    @LBR88 were you able to get an interview for FNP? i am waiting as well. Kinda weird that they are extending app deadline but still haven't released decisions for those who applied by the initial deadline.
  6. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    @Chemiralins22 did you need to have psych exp first? I originally wanted that program but did FNP because i didnt have psych experience.
  7. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    @x3liza Well good thing is you atleast got an interview. Thats so awesome. best of luck to you. was the interview intimidating?
  8. OR Nurse to FNP?

    @JackChase1212 That is awesome ! ? did your program ask you to atleast work part time or per diem to gain psych exp before acceptance? Or they were able to accept the OR experience? Kudos to you being almost done.
  9. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    @ql279 which location and program did you apply to? I dont really know how to feel because my status still says " Committee Ready" but the homepage says they're still accepting apps for fall 2019. I wonder why they didn't send out all of their Admit...
  10. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    @Wsmit I hope so because i have not gotten a call or heard anything about an interview
  11. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    so if you have not gotten an interview yet, are there chances you may not be admitted?
  12. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Has anyone gotten interviews for baltimore campus FNP?
  13. UMSON DNP FALL 2019

    Still haven't heard anything yet...starting to think we may not hear until after christmas ? Has anyone else heard anything?
  14. new grad high turnover

    @Carrie_RN Thank you so much for your comment.Will keep in mind.
  15. new grad high turnover

    @Workitinurfava Thank You so much for this! Will keep this in mind.

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