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Hello everyone I wanted to start a separate thread for people interviewing for the February 2011 Residency, I just got the e-mail a couple of minutes ago saying that I will be interviewing in... Read More

  1. by   sbostonRN
    Hello fellow new grads! I am graduating in May, so I am not eligible to apply for the February 2011 program. I am thinking of applying for the July program, but my husband is not sold on the idea of moving to DC.

    Since many of you are moving to DC from another area of the country, did you look in your area before applying to WHC? Or was this one of your first choices? I would love to move to a new area and get my nursing experience at WHC, but I'm not sure if I should explore my options in Boston first. From what I've read in this forum, it seems like many who get interviews get a job offer...

    Anyway, congrats to all who got job offers and good luck to those who are still applying!
  2. by   cmgg78
    Hello guys!!! Question! Is anyone looking for a roomate? Or could anyone give me any tips on finding affordable housing? Any recommendations? Thank you!!
  3. by   bunsterj
    Is this residency program the same as the "Ryan Residency" that is referred to on one of their job postings?
  4. by   tgary08
    Quote from ferretrodeo
    WHC was one of the three hospitals that I applied and received offers. I accepted an offer from Sibley Memorial Hosp as an L&D nurse so that will free up one spot for somebody.
    I'm so jelaous of you ... I also applied to Sibley when I saw that they had openings in L&D but didn't hear anything back! Congrats and good luck!
  5. by   RooseveltERoosevelt
    I had a really hard time choosing between WHC and Sibley. I made all sorts of lists with pros and cons and asked anyone else, who would listen, for their opinion.
  6. by   kmjrn
    Hey Everyone,
    I am really lost. I can't understand why I am not getting any interviews. I have applied to 15 different places including expanding out to Baltimore. I have passed my boards, graduated with honors, and am fluent in Spanish. Can anyone tell me how they distinguished themselves to get interviews or maybe what I am doing wrong? Thank you!
  7. by   ashnem
    I had my interview today for the Residency program and got to interview with my third choice-cardiac. It was pretty intense but I felt like I did well. Alot of clinical senario questions. There was a last minute change of venue from the True auditorium to the HR office. It was crowded and HOT! About 30 people there. We interviewed first with HR and then the Cardiac nurse mngr came over to interview me as well. I never got to tour the unit, like many of you described in previous posts. I don't think anyone did. I would love to hear about the cardiac unit (4NE?) if anyone out there got to see it and what your impressions were. Also, does anyone know what the ratio of interviewees to actual hires is? Thanks, I look forward to (hopefully) meeting you all soon!
  8. by   ejr0525
    Hi! Myself and another girl are still looking for a roommate if anyone is interested please email me at

  9. by   geminidiamond
    I interviewed today! I was able to tour the unit and talk to really nice nurses that work there. I think it was left up to the nurse mgr to take you up. I wonder when they will do notifications. 2 weeks isn't much time to get prepared. I hope they let everyone know tomorrow. The hospital and the staff were much nicer than I expected. I'm now hoping that I do get selected!! The clinical questions caught me off guard but I think I did well. Also, someone told me there were about 200 apps for the last class, with 120 selected.... And it was super hot
  10. by   tgary08
    Ashnem: I also interviewed for 4NE last month and did tour the actaul unit. It's a really big unit with ,maybe 30 beds. The staff seemed to be very nice and welcoming. Good luck future coworker (hopefully)!!!
  11. by   ashnem
    Just got a call and accepted a position on 4NE (medical cardiology)! The HR person seemed concerned that I wasn't sitting for the NCLEX until the 12th. She said that MD sometimes takes a while to post lic numbers and that might hold me up. I just moved my test date up to the 9th to have more time to get a DC lic. Scared/excited/overwhelmed!
  12. by   geminidiamond
    Just keep doing test questions until the day before and have a rest. You will do fine.
    I still havn't heard anything. I'm hoping they are doing this alphabetically and I'm at the end. :uhoh21:
  13. by   Jaelle625
    Quote from geminidiamond
    Just keep doing test questions until the day before and have a rest. You will do fine.
    I still havn't heard anything. I'm hoping they are doing this alphabetically and I'm at the end. :uhoh21:
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't heard anything Ugh! Waiting is torture! LOL. Good luck!

    Congrats Ashnem!! So exciting!!

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