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  1. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    I spent hours doing that. Left messages for Frisby, all the IT guys... I talked to one person who said "up to 7-10 business days". So frustrated...
  2. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    Thanks for the info. I am glad it went smoothly for you. Still not on NURSYS:( Left another message for Ms. Frisby and I am currently on hold to try to talk with a person from MD BON! 31 minutes so far...
  3. ashnem

    Master Cardiology vs. STC

    So I was completely set on the Littman Master Cardiology until I saw the STC. I would love to hear any opinions especially if you have used both. I will be starting my first job on a cardiac unit so I do believe that it is worth the investment to go with a higher end scope rather than upgrade later. While the Master Cardiology is by far the favorite of most folks here, the STC seems more ergonomic and possibly b/c it is less popular it may be more identifiable? I know that the master cardiology has a peds adapter and some people say that they don't care for it, any opinions? I also noticed that the MC is rated a "10" while the STC is rated "9". I am not sure what quantifiable data was used to evaluate the acoustic quality and if there is a noticable difference. The MC has a 7 year warranty vs. 6 for the STC. Price difference is negligable ($2). Thanks in advance for any thoughts to help guide my selection!
  4. ashnem

    drug testing in school

    My thought and experiences with drug testing in general: I just graduated in December. Our school did not do drug testing prior to admission and I don't know if there was a policy in place that allowed them to do so for just cause. One of the clinical sites that our school used did require testing. We did not know until the first day of peds when the instructor said, "Raise your hand if you are going to X Hospital for clinical. Okay you need to do a drug test." (On our own dime, of course.) So there was no time to "modify" your behavior, if need be. I find drug testing to be an intrusive violation, on principle alone. If I have given no just cause, don't make me prove my innocence. I really don't think that drug tests prove much. They just prove that either you can or can't modify your behavior for a specified amount of time (length of time depending on the drug and how it is metabolized and excreted). For those that test positive for Rx drugs, as long as they have documentation that they have a legal Rx than it's OK. Yet, most folks that are addicted to Rx painkillers began as legitimately prescribed patients (r/t chronic illness or injury) and they became addicted over time b/c their pain wasn't adequately managed or they didn't have the resources or time to use adjunctive therapy (PT, massage therapy, chiro...) leading to them obtaining illegally or Dr shopping. So they could have a legal prescription AND still be a drug abuser! Consider the length of time certain drugs are present in urine: cocaine 12hours, meth 1-4d, codiene 2-3d, morphine 2-4d, heroin 3-4 and marijauna one month+! So yesderday you could have been snorting some coke and a few days ago shooting up heroin and you would probably come up negative. But LAST MONTH on a trip to Europe you could have smoked a joint and test positive. I am not advocating/condoning drug use at all but that doesn't make any sense when you consider that most research has proved that marijuana use poses little risk, is not addictive and has lots of medical uses. Due to the legth of time that it takes to be excreted (b/c stored in fat cells) it is the most common drug to come up in testing, yet (according to most) it is the most innocuous! I shudder to think of all of the drugs that were pumped into my daughter's body when she had cancer (not inc chemo) just to manage side effects- zofran, megace, reglan, phenergan, morphine, methadone, fentanyl... I have often thought if she ever relasped, if just making a batch of "special brownies" would be safer and possibly more effective. I also had a clinical experience that reinforced my beliefs and made me sick. The hospital had mandatory drug testing on all pregnant women prior to delivery. This woman was a mess anyway- she had been raped and was agonizing over whether to keep the baby or not. The woman had not even seen her 2 day old baby yet and was emotionally unstable. THIS is when her drug results came in- she had tested positive to amphetamines and the social worker was on her way to see her and child protective services had been called. I did not believe the charge and kept questioning the woman, it just didn't make sense! Turned out that she had taken Claritin-D. I alerted the social worker and she investigated and came back and said that the dates didn't match when she said that she had taken the meds (should have cleared by then). UMMM, first how much research has been done specifically on pregnant women and drug clearance? I talked to the woman more and found out the she had brought with her on admission a 48h urine collection. That was how they had obtained the sample! This woman was tormented for NOTHING. She was treated like an unfit mother and a drug addict with no reasonable cause. This should not ever have to happen to anyone. My $0.02.
  5. ashnem

    New interesting abortion poll

    Oh no, not another select all that apply! Thought I was done w/ that after my evil NCLEX!
  6. ashnem

    Precepting the Preceptor

    I start my first job as a brand new RN next week, I hope and pray that I am assigned a preceptor with as much passion and compassion as you!
  7. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    FYI, in all of my calling around yesterday I did reach a human being in DC. I was surprised! The main number didn't work so I just started picking people to call and eventually got through! If any of this is info that you already know, just ignore. If we go through them (DC BON) to do fingerprint/background check we have to make an appointment (don't know how soon it would be). I got conflicting info from the site and the person I was talking to regarding walk-in fingerprinting, so not sure. You also have the option to go to a local PD to have it done. My local doesn't do it but the state barracks do them at certain times of the week. There are directions on the site (DC BON) for doing it a your local PD (certain form # to use, what to write in reason box, include FBI scan...). If you choose that option, you just bring to DC BON your receipt as proof. Sorry if that was info you already knew, it was new to me! Still not on NURSYS and it is shut down 'til 7A Mon so I am hoping Tuesday I can slam it all out. I really have to say, I am a resourceful person and I am no idiot but this processes is pretty crazy! There needs to really be a page on DC/MD BON sites that goes through this process step by step w/ applicable links, approx timeframes for each step, what needs to be done before proceeding, status updates (IT working on a problem or whatever)... That would have saved theses agencies dozens of calls from us alone!:spbox: I truly am grateful to you guys. You have been a wealth of information and have helped me immensely with this process!
  8. ashnem

    LTC is not "settling"

    Thank you for opening my mind and sharing your perspective. I am a new grad and as I struggled to find work, my back up plan was, "I could always go to LTC". A view that was shared by many of my classmates, too. Thank you for knocking me off my pedestal! And continuing to care for "my" patients when they are discharged!
  9. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    I am happy for you, though!:yelclap:
  10. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    I am not there! Are both of you?
  11. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    Oh, Ms. Frisby, one of the people I left a message for. Thanks for this info! I hope I am in the same batch as you all since my lic was posted today. Maybe we'll see each other then.
  12. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    Tried calling MBON so many times today to find out about posting to NURSYS. Either: a) no answer. b) left messages. c) got transferred around to the same people I already tried to call myself. d) told it was an unusually high call volume and to try my call at another time. e) put on hold forever and then told to call back on Monday! We pay a lot of money to this BON and it is inexcusable to not have our calls taken/ returned/ questions answered in a timely manner! Have either of you found out any more about NURSYS? Seriously they could save a whole lot of time, effort and frustration if they had a FAQ section that answers general guidelines. I didn't even know about NURSYS until you all were posting about it. To clarify, MD posts to NURSYS and we are paying the fee to allow DC to access it, but we can't pay until we actually appear on NURSYS?! Thanks! You guys have been so very helpful! :redpinkhe
  13. ashnem

    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    I PASSED! I am on BON as of this morning. I hope that I will get posted to NURSYS really soon! Do you know how often they do that? Can't believe another fee! All the crap for MD lic, then another over $200 to DC lic AND another 30 to NURSYS. Are you kidding me?
  14. ashnem

    Have you ever heard of this many SATA?

  15. ashnem

    Graduate Nurse with Associate's Degree

    I have my ADN and applied to over 60 positions. I finally got one interview and did get the job. It's cold out there for new grads esp. ADNs! I had excellent grades, amazing letters of rec, president of my class, blah, blah, blah and it was TOUGH just to get an interview!