Start here: Board of Nursing & CNA Info

  1. district of columbia nurse aides:
    approved nurse aide training program
    cna candidate info + test centers
    application for certification by endorsement (pdf)

    board of nursing

    nursing license renewal
    nursing application package
    nursing contact information
    approved schools of nursing
    continuing education faqs
    committee on impaired nurses
    online professional license search

    newsletter: dc nurse
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  3. by   tyrenol0125
    I have a question. I am a RN in Washington DC and i am struggle to get a job because i graduated from nursing school in out of USA. So i have a language problem. Can i work at the hospital in Washington DC as a CNA without CNA certificate? it can be done in Maryland... Thanks...
  4. by   pfaceliz
    i know how difficult it must be for you. I see people being given a hard time because of their accents, their english and it makes me sad .
    are you an RN back in your country of origin or an RN here in the US?
  5. by   cha23
    i know this is an old thread but i would like to ask a question regarding working as a cna at washington dc. i am a graduate of a 4 year BSN degree in the philippines, and i was hoping to work as a cna while studying and taking the nclex there. what is the process of being a cna at washigton dc?
  6. by   cha23
    I am an american citizen graduate BSN from the Philippines and I will be going to Washington dc next month. I would like to start working as a CNA, and I was wondering what will be the requirement, application or training to take to become a CNA?.