Prerequisities in DC

  1. I may be moving to DC, living near Georgetown, and need to start working on my prereqs for nursing school (A&P I & II, Micro, etc.) as I intend to apply for a direct entry program.

    Could you please let me know my options in the area.

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  3. by   HU_nurse
    Howard University, Catholic, Georgtown...There are also a whole lot of ADN Programs. just depends on what kind of program and environment you are looking for. Tell me a lil more specifically
  4. by   messiejessie
    I am doing my pre-reqs at Northern Virginia Community College - Alexandria Campus. I am applying to a couple of accelerated BSN programs and NVCC seems to be considered reputable by the schools I am looking at. Good luck!
  5. by   RPCV
    Univ of DC. Right off the Red Line at Van Ness. You can take classes, as a DC resident, for $75 a credit hour. Beware though, a lot of beauracrcy (no suprise) and nothing is easy, even registration. BUT is it right off metro, cheap, and accredited. A lot of other folks like myself (acclerated nursing, no car, work full time) are taking the pre-reqs there. Georgetown's accelerated program accepts the credits from UDC, however Hopkins won't. No idea why - I think b/c UDC is an "urban" university. I have had mixed expereinces on the campus. But over all very dedicated teaching staff (they have to be to put up with all the DC gov't crap they go through)

    The No VA comm college is NOT metro accessable. You have to take metro to the end of the orange line and catch a bus. Beware. Even if you take an on line class - your tests will be administered on that campus.
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    Hi HU_nurse, I have a few questions for you in reguards to HU's nursing program, I tried to pm you but your mailbox was full, if you can pm me or email me asap, its really important. Thank you