Obtaining DC RN license?

  1. Hey all!
    I currently have an RN license for VA...how exactly do I apply for a DC license? Also, would this mean forfeiting my license to practice in VA?

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  3. by   PolaBar
    Getting a DC license isn't that hard. It is just a little expensive. You can have licenses for multiple states (and DC) without it affecting your current state's license. It just becomes annoying if you apply for more (since each new license wants info on all your licenses, and if you move, that's 3 BON's to do address changes).

    Just an FYI. The DC renewals are in June of this year. So if you get a license now, they'll send your renewal paperwork in April - and the DC license is expensive. I don't think you'll need another set of fingerprints, though.

    Health Professional Licensing Administration : Application Packagehat is the link to the page with the application. It says you can fill it out online (then print it out), but I couldn't find out where.

    I printed the application, filled it out, ordered my paperwork (nursing license info) from my original state and MD. The MD one (and I'll assume VA) is a compact state, so you can order that verification through the Nursys site ($30). You need copies of your current license(s), 2 "passport" photos. You need a check (WITH YOUR ADDRESS PREPRINTED ON IT - I found out the hard way) or a money order for $230 (for basic RN license). I brought my application in-person (it's a few blocks north of a red line stop), and had my fingerprinting ($50?) done right after.

    It has been like almost 2 weeks now. They sent me a letter saying they needed my original state paperwork (which was requested and that check was cashed). Not sure if that is what they are waiting on, now.