Nurse Recruiter of WHC

  1. Does anybody know who is the nurse recruiter I should write to in Washington Hospital Center for job application. I searched their website and found different names for fellowship application, dream day appointment, etc... Someone talked about not to just write "to whom it may concern" in your conver letter. So I'm wondering if anybody know the recruiter's name. Thanks!
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  3. by   ukstudent
    WHC really doesn't care. If the name Unisys (I can't remember the last name, and probably the first is spelled wrong) is there, use that one.
    WHC does it hiring though dream day. So send in and application and sign up for dream day. You get to pick two areas you would like to see and possibly work in. At the end of the day you get to interview for whatever position most interested you.
    Have fun, WHC has a different hiring process than all the other hospitals that I interviewed with.