LPN Programs in DC area???

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    I have a question, that some of you may be able to help me with (SORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH!!). I was enrolled at HU for almost 3 years when I decided that it wasn't the school for me, for several reasons. I battled depression and finally after my GPA dropped to an all time low (and i mean so low I'm embarassed to mention it) i decided that i should take some time off, gather my mind and thoughts and move on from there. So now I'm working as an Office Manager and i love it here, but i want to start attending an accredited LPN program/school, with the hopes of later completing an RN program. Which programs do you recommend in the DC area. I don't own or know how to drive, and thus rely solely on public transportation so i need the program to be metro accessible. I know I am capable of completing the work, I've always done well in school- I was even accepted and attended an exclusive HS program back home in NY in which i was doing college courses (while STILL in HS) and earned an AA degree as well as HS diploma. SO if you know of any LPN programs and any tips or helpful info, I would HUGELY appreciate it!! Thanks for reading! you can also email me at str8frmbk at yahoo dot com. Thanks
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  3. by   LPNCieBan
    LPN programs: UDC, Radians College, Comprehensive Health Academy,VMT, JC-INC, Capital Health Institute.

    I think that's all of them. Hope that helps. They are all metro accessible; it's DC
  4. by   simplykpb
    im enrolling in vmt for the september class
  5. by   LPNCieBan
    Goodluck and be prepared to read in a short time. I just started @ CHA and it's no joke. You are only in one or two chapters for 2 days and then there is a TEST and QUIZ the next day. Well anyway, goodluck
  6. by   simplykpb
    is that right, thank you, also how is parking in that area, overall is it a good school
  7. by   LPNCieBan
    Quote from simplykpb
    is that right, thank you, also how is parking in that area, overall is it a good school
    are you talking about VMT or CHA???

    CHA the parking is not good at all because DC is too small you have to arrive earlier and read the parking signs carefully. Or you can park at the CVS down the street and walk up to the school. VMT i'm not sure about but I know DC is very difficult when it comes to parking your vehicle
  8. by   MamaGyrl
    Yeah I attend Comprehensive also the school is very strenous, but well worth it. I am in A&P right now and it is hard but I know I am capable of passing and making it though. I drive but I take the Marc train daily and take the bus to the school, for me it is alot cheaper than driving. So the school is definately metro accessible.
  9. by   za23fr
    Radians college offer LPN program and it is metro accessible it is on vermont avenue telephone 202-291-9020 and you stop at Macpherson Square metro.
  10. by   maddie123
    I work as a nurse consultant in long term care traveling the east coast. I have encountered a large number of LPNs who are apparently training in a DC program crash course. Having observed them in action, I question whether they have any clinical instruction at all. Has anyone had any experience similar to mine?

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