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  1. simplykpb

    Radians College

    i am also looking for information on radians college. Im thinking about starting the rn program in may
  2. simplykpb

    Radians College formerly hmi

    thank you for all this infomation. I was looking into the rn program there. I know its expensive so Im doing my prerequisites at a community college. I hear it is so competitive to get into the rn programs now. do you think it would be a mistake to transfer to radians college?
  3. simplykpb

    Sooo excited!

    good luck, you will get the experience and when you take the class, things will be familiar to you
  4. simplykpb

    lpn jobs in dc/md

    thank you
  5. simplykpb

    Which Lpn School Is Better?

    teeman, how is comprehensive, i am thinking of taking the exam this week
  6. simplykpb

    lpn jobs in dc/md

    any idea the starting salary for an lpn in dc/md area, hospitals or ltc?
  7. simplykpb

    LPN Programs in DC area???

    is that right, thank you, also how is parking in that area, overall is it a good school
  8. simplykpb

    What you don't know about VMT

    do you have to take out a loan for comprehensive school, i know some schools require to put a lump sum down
  9. simplykpb

    Pay Rate E.R. tech

    most hospitals start you as a cna, which is like 11.30, then if you are a tech, with the drawing blood and starting iv lines etc, you would be looking at $14
  10. simplykpb

    LPN Programs in DC area???

    im enrolling in vmt for the september class
  11. i am also a tech, im at guh, and from what i hear, they start off at 24, and whc, does pay more, they gave the nurses a pay raise i believe last yr, a nice one
  12. simplykpb

    12hr shifts- what's your start and end time?

    most 12 hour shifts begin 7a-7m and vice versa or 11-11 in dc