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Hi I am interested in hearing from anyone nurse who works in any Washington DC hospital. My daughter is applying for work as an RN to be closer to her boyfriend. Any suggestions as to what is... Read More

  1. by   HillaryC
    It probably depends on where you want to work. If you're going to work at Georgetown or Sibley, living across the bridge in VA might work (like Arlington or Alexandria). I work at WHC, which is more north/east, and I have a 15 minute commute to MD (near Takoma Park/Silver Spring). It's fantastic. Children's is right next to WHC. Based on the people I've asked, there seems to be about a 50/50 split between nurses living in Northern VA and those in MD.

    I don't have kids, so I really don't know much about school systems for your kids

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    What about Washington childrens i am relocating from UK with 2 young children where is good area out of city to live about 30min commute?

    Help appreciated thanks
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  2. by   HillaryC
    I've been at WHC for not quite a year. I don't have any other nursing experience to compare it to, but I agree that it's a great place for critical care nursing, and the critical care fellowship is fantastic (those educators really know their stuff!). I definitely have my gripes, but for the most part, I like working there. I can't imagine being at a smaller hospital with less acute patients.

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    I was a travel nurse & have worked many places, but stopped travelling when I worked at Wasington Hospital Center to take a staff nurse postion. I don't think I'll ever work any place else. If you want critical care nursing, this is the place to do it. Great critical care course & orentation if you are new.
  3. by   bluesky
    I work at Washington Hospital Center in one of the SICUs. It's true that equipment-wise we're a little behind the times but the nursing care is excellent and the acuity is the highest in the area. You have to pay $45/month in union dues and $25/month for parking but the start pay (for new grads) is $24 with 2 X 3 1/2 % raises per year (one on the anniversary of the contract and one on your anniversary). It's hard to find good daycare in the city that opens early enough for you to get to work on time. Most of my coworkers with kids have spouses or parents that supplement when needed. I myself live in Gaithersburg (45 minutes with no traffic... about 1 hour 15 min with traffic depending on the shift). I can't afford to live in the expensive suburbs that are close to the city. If your husband makes good money; Bethesda and Chevy Chase Maryland are lovely suburbs with excellent schools and close to the canal and Glen Echo Park which are full of activities for children. My mother has a row house on capitol Hill in D.C. which I'm told has it's own nice Montessori school however you can't find anything for less than $700,000 there anymore these days except perhaps a one bedroom condo.
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    Just a little update -- new grad pay is up to $24.84/hr now at WHC.

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    Childrens: great facility, nice staff, I'm not sure how the pay is but its really hard to get a job there. There are a lot of background checks and endless paper work..

    Washington Hospital Center: GREAT facility! I love this hospital. Pay only starts at 23 and hour I beleive.

    Providence: I dont really like this place. It's a lil out dated and the staff aren't very supportive.

  5. by   joshboro
    Hi, does washington university give a signon bonus or relocation bonus? thanks ahead of time.
  6. by   Artis
    Quote from joshboro
    Hi, does washington university give a signon bonus or relocation bonus? thanks ahead of time.

    ok. I advise you to call the hospitals. At George Washington Hospital they give you a bonus after staying for one year. Also try getting into a speciality ward as they will not be as busy as a general medical ward.
  7. by   aml87
    hey! I was also looking into a relocating to DC... which hospitals are the best for new grads?
  8. by   RNNPICU
    CHildren's is great (CNMC), pay is good, in 06 the starting rate was $25/hr, the internship program for new grads is good. I did PICU and the training was excellent. The new wing of the hospital is opening shortly , lots of new hight tech equipment, good staff, but depends on the unit
  9. by   PEDSVA
    How is the pay @ Children's for someone with experience? What do you know about the working conditions in their CICU ?
  10. by   RNNPICU
    You would have to contact Nurse recruitment for RN pay with experience. The CICU is also great.
  11. by   jewels785
    I also work at Children's as a new grad and i absolutely love it here! The staff is so great and the new east tower building looks awesome. I can't wait until all the units move into the new tower. I think children's is a great place to start b/c their new grad programs for all the units are well designed. There are always a lot of experienced nurses around for support. Pay is also good compared to maryland hospitals. the only downside is the tuition reimbursement isn't as much as WHC (next door).
  12. by   cannew22
    What units at Children's aren't so good? I'm looking at taking a job there (not as a new grad), and am interested in PICU or heme/onc. Any thoughts?

    Other questions about Children's - what about parking? Is it available nights and weekends if not during the day?
  13. by   PEDSVA
    How is the commute to childrens in evening/nights from northern va ? Do you feel safe coming and going ? Is Georgetown any easier to reach ?