HELP..I am looking for a group or 1on1 tutor for NCLEX-PN

  1. Hi,
    I am new here in DC. I have taken NCLEX-PN twice already and i FAILED again for the second time. I am looking for someone here in DC who is offering a tutor or a group of nursing PN student that i can study with or a class that offers review for NCLEX-PN..I am hopeless and willing to pay someone to sit with me and teach me everything on how to pass this stupid exam. I need to start my life and this is the only thing that stopping me from it..PLEASE HELP..
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  3. by   pfaceliz
    if you want a classroom type of review, why don't you call kaplan? they have a comprehensive package that includes classroom and online resources plus they use an organized and scientific way to enhance your chances of passing.
    for the nclex, its not just the knowledge that makes us pass but the analysis of every question. you have to have that full confidence on the 3rd (and glorious) attempt.
    Goodluck and hope this is helpful to you.
  4. by   TiffanyJB
    you should try nursing review center in hyatsville's metro accessible and is a 2-3 week comprehensive review class that cost less than $300. the teacher was great!

    3601 hamilton street ste 200
    hyattsville, md 20782,

    phone: 301-277-5580
    fax: 301-579-4803

    good luck!
  5. by   judy smith
    There are several on-line tutor services available - some advertised on this page but you can check out other sites such as;; there are willing NCLEX tutors out there...who may give you a jump start to passing nclex.....................................
  6. by   malenurz
    Did you figure out what you are going to do regarding studying for your exam?