Georgetown WHC Scholarship discontinued?

  1. Does anyone know if Georgetown and WHC have discontinued their scholarship agreement? This is the scholarship where 80% of tuition is paid in exchange for three years at WHC post-grad.
    I know the terms were being renegotiated for Fall 2012 admissions...but now when I check on Georgetown's scholarship link the WHC scholars program isn't there anymore.
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  3. by   leenak
    Not sure if you saw my response to your other thread but looks like they replaced it with a $10,000 scholarship, awarded AFTER you are in the program in exchange for 2 years work at the hospital.
  4. by   oldmare
    Blech. It's an expensive school without that scholarship. $10,000 barely puts a dent in it. Oh well. Thanks
  5. by   leenak
    Yeah and you wouldn't even know if you got the scholarship until after being in the program. As far as I can tell, Georgetown is the most expensive program in the area. More than Johns Hopkins and nearly twice of George Washington University. It might be the most expensive program in the country as really I haven't seen any other program with that price tag.
  6. by   LawyerRN2b
    Well that is the WORST news ever. I was really excited for the scholarship potential since there was just no way I could afford GT without it. Huge bummer.
  7. by   oldmare
    I know. Beyond the scholarship, I also liked the idea of having a hospital job locked in after graduation. I wonder if WHC just didn't have the hiring capacity anymore. Big bummer.
  8. by   TXgirl912
    Hi, the scholarship is still offered. I just applied for it and am hoping to join the Fall 2012 ABSN class at Georgetown.
  9. by   LawyerRN2b
    It is? It's called Washington Hospital Center Scholars? It's for the 80% tuition reduction for 3 years of service? It's not being advertised on the GT website anymore. If you have any inside information, please let us know.
  10. by   BRE5013

    I am currently applying for Georgetown's Accelerated Nursing program to start in Fall 2013. I was wondering if any of you have more information on the status of the scholarship through WHC. I noticed that they don't advertise it on Georgetown's website, but it seemed as though the "80% off tuition/work at WHC hospital for 3 years" is still being advertised on WHC's website. Are any of you currently attending Georgetown's program with the scholarship? If so, are you happy you made the decision you did and about how much is the cost of the program with the scholarship? Also, do you know about how many people were accepted into the scholarship for your cohort?

  11. by   TXgirl912
    Hey BRE5013,

    The scholarship is still active through WHC. I started last fall and we have about 50 people in our cohort and about 30 have the WHC scholarship. It will end up being around 16,000 total with the scholarship. I am very happy with my decision...I love the program so far and have had great clinical experiences at WHC. I definitely recommend it! Good luck
  12. by   BRE5013
    Thank you for your response! One thing that I've been stressing about with the scholarship is not being able to necessarily get the job you might prefer at WHC after graduation. Do you know whether you can switch within those three years if a job you would have preferred becomes available or are you locked into wherever you get hired after graduation?
  13. by   TXgirl912
    You can switch...from what I understand you can switch after a year of year and a half
  14. by   ProfessorT
    BREE, have you received a scholarship application by e-mail? The Georgetown website mentions sending the application to us in mid-February, but I haven't received anything. I am also applying for the ABSN Fall 2013 program.

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