Children's National New Grad Interview

  1. I just scheduled an interview at CNMC!! I am so excited, this is my dream job! Anyone interview here for a new grad position? I'm pretty sure I'll be interviewing directly with the unit manager. Any suggestions or things to think about is SUPER appreciated! I'm so excited
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  3. by   lovemydogs91
    Congrats! What unit are you interviewing for? When is your interview? Let me know how it goes!
  4. by   grrape
    Thanks, it was on the Heart and Kidney Unit. And it was an incredible experience, a super positive interview! Made even better by the fact that they called with an offer this morning! Yay! I start in March
  5. by   yujinee91
    Hi grrape, first of all, congrats for getting a job offer at Children's!! I will be having my interview for new grad position as well in few days. Can you give me any advice?? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks!!
  6. by   grrape
    Hi yujinee91, congrats! Where are you interviewing?-- because that will affect what I tell you. At cnmc you interview directly with the managers for the unit you applied to and each manager does it differently.
  7. by   bcandygurl
    Hi Congrats on the interview and subsequent offer. How did you end your interview if I may ask? I have gone on several interviews and I can't seem to get a response for a week or even 2 weeks.
  8. by   yujinee91
    It's PICU!! I am so already getting nervous :'(
  9. by   haha341778
    I was selected to have interview there too. Could you tell me about the interview experience ?
  10. by   yujinee91
    The interview went very quick. I interviewed with the nurse manager and clinical instructor. They were both very nice and not overwhelming. The questions were relatively simple, easy to answer and within expected range compared to other interview Qs that I had before. But they said it is very competitive to get this position so I may not get an offer :'( Let me konw how your inteview goes!
  11. by   haha341778
    have you got the response yet ?
  12. by   yujinee91
    They said it may take few weeks to get back to me because there are candidates that they need to interview... How was your interview?
  13. by   haha341778
    They kind of told me the same thing, it's going to take like a month and they still interviewing other candidates. The interview went well but I can't really tell because there is always some better candidates. So, cross our fingers xD and be prepared when it comes lol
  14. by   yujinee91
    I just got a job offer from some place else... Children's is my first choice and I don't know if I should accept the offer or waite for Children's which is risk-taking for me... :'( If they told you it will take like a month, I don't think I can waite for that long. Fingers crossed for you, haha341778!!!

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