Any new grads starting at WHC in July?

  1. Hi everyone! I was offered a new grad position at WHC starting in July. I am looking to get in touch with people. I will be relocating from Boston to DC probably mid-July. I am so nervous because I do not really know too many people down there (just a few random people here and there). Sometime in June I am going down apartment hunting. Any good places to live? Anyways, if anyone wants to get in touch or give some advice that would be great. Thanks!
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  3. by   siren1
    Hello, what floor will you be working on? I have been working on 4NW as a PCT for the last year and will begin the fellowship on the floor in July. I would suggest looking on craigs list for apt listings. DC is expensive but you probably already know that. I think you will get very good experience at WHC since it is so large and a little crazy. What floor will you be working on?

  4. by   ac123
    I will be working on 3F- the surgical transplant unit. Where in DC do you live?
  5. by   siren1
    Wow good for you! I have been working at WHC for a year now as a PCT while finishing school. I live in the silver spring area. Not the nicest building but the rent is fair. Rents tend to be cheaper in Prince Georges County and also in Virginia. Rents in DC will be the most, althogh parts of DC are cheaper but you will need to preview them first to see if you are comfortable with the neighborhoods.
  6. by   ac123
    What type of floor is 4NW? I was thinking of looking for a shared apartment in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market area. Someone told me it's a fun place to live. I was also told that taxes in northern VA are much cheaper, but what about the commute?
  7. by   ittybabyRN
    I am also from Boston moving to DC, I will be working at Children's National also doing their new grad program. I have another friend that I am looking for housing with (she is not a nurse), we are checking out the Arlington, VA area because that has been recommended many times by different people. I also did some research on the commute and it doesn't seem too bad, maybe 30-45 mins mostly on the Metro (for me at least, I dont know where WHC is). We were thinking of heading there sometime in June to look around, I don't start until August so I'm not in much of a rush but we were going to try to find a three or four bedroom townhouse and some other people to live with. When are you heading that way?
  8. by   siren1
    The commute is probably around 40 min or so. Traffice is always the big issue but if you are leaving at 6am at least that helps. 4NW is cardiac surgery. I was hoping for someting different but with the way the economy is I should be thankful I have this opportunity. I have heard nothing from other hospitals and at least WHC has a great reputation for your resume. Also, children's was extremely competive to get into. I was turned down for an ER job there, so congrats to anyone who has scored a spot there!
  9. by   ac123
    I think I may want to look closer into the city. I am not down for a 40 minute commute! Thanks for all the info though!!
  10. by   saninani
    siren1, can you please give me 4NW's manager name and e-mail address? i had an interview with her but totally forgot to ask for her business card. so am lost now! i really need to check with her about my application.
    thanks in advance!!
  11. by   siren1
    Bonnie Sines Hosptial main number is 202-877-7000. Ask for 4NW and then ask for her. Good luck. When was your interview?
  12. by   Gauze
    When did you guys apply to WHC? I applied to their new grad program last week, but I feel like it is too late... :/
  13. by   ac123
    I applied for Dream Day as well as their new grad program in early February and got into the April 23rd Dream Day.
  14. by   saninani
    siren1 thank u so much for the info. i interviewed in april but don't have an answer yet. they're telling me that the manager is still interviewing.
    i'm kinda losing my patience as i have an offer from another hospital. i'd love to work at WHC but at the same time don't want to lose the other offer just waiting for WHC.
    congrats on securing a job there!