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Does anyone have experience with this hospital or the new grad program? I was just offered a position for ICU and am super excited to be moving to the DC area!!!!! I really want to live in Arlington, va, which I saw is only 10 miles from the hospital....does anyone know how bad the traffic is for that drive?!

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DC/MD/VA traffic can make a 10 mile journey a very long trip indeed!

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ITA. Why don't you look into Silver Spring, Hyattsville or Takoma Park? Anyways my mom has worked at the WAH since `81. She works on the tele unit though. But from what I hear, the new grad program is pretty good :) Good luck & I hope you like it there.


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I did a semester of clinicals there a few years ago. I think it really depends on the unit you are on, just like anywhere else. The med-surg floor I was on seemed like the nurses were generally grumpy, not just towards students but also toward each other, which kind of made me wonder why. But I also observed on other units and that didn't seem to be the case. Wherever you go make sure you observe on the floor for a while if possible. Oh yeah, and bring your own lunch - worst hospital cafeteria food ever ;-)

While the drive would certainly be doable from Arlington, and lots of people in the area have worse commutes, it's not neccessarily close as far as commuting time goes, especially depending on the time of day. I was coming from the opposite direction, but it would take about 20 minutes with no traffic. With traffic I spent 45 minutes in the car, and that was without accidents or construction. Also when figuring out your commute for WAH plan in an extra 15 minutes or so to catch the shuttle bus...there is not enough parking at the hospital and employees are required to park in a church lot down the road. The shuttle comes frequently during the change of shift times.

Congrats on your job offer!!


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congrats on the new position! i recently accepted a new grad icu position at wah's sister hospital, shady grove adventist. when do you start? my start date will be determined when i pass the nclex. traffic in the dc area is really bad! you will probably travel the beltway from arlington to takoma park which may take 45 minutes depending on the time of day.


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