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I am looking at New Graduate programmes currently. I am from New Zealand and I would love to work in Sydeny next year. My problem is I don't know what hospitals I should put down when applying. I would love to work in or around the city in acute adult care. I have been researching around but would love opinions of what hospitals are great to work in and give good support to a new graduate nurse. Please help me and give me some ideas.



p.s I am posting this thread here as the majority of threads under students/new graduates are about USA nurses.:specs:


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Ohhh... let's see:

St. Vincents Public (& Private) Hospitals (v close to the city, ED sees a lot of ice users)

Royal North Shore & North Shore Private Hospitals (you should see a lot of interesting critical pts here. Also, OB and maternity is big at both the public and private)

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (they've got a massive transplant service)

Concord Hospital (they do a lot of geri as well, also in a much quieter area - with better parking, too!)

Prince of Wales & Prince of Wales Private

They'd probably be my picks, largely because they're all within half an hour of the CBD and I'm an inner city girl who hates driving long distances, not being close to major things (like the city, for one) and is a bit of a snob who isn't keen on the culture that is often stereotyped in the outer western suburbs (hospitals like Campbelltown, Liverpool, Fairfield etc)


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i agree with rachelgeorgina

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St Vincents public hospital also has a large transplant service, and I know one girl who completed her grad year there and hasn't left yet, 10 years later. It is very close to the CBD.


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Or manly district. Is smaller with wonky floors but has really friendly staff. This is coming from someone who done a lot of agency there. They are really nice!! and the views from the hospital mainblock are amazing!!


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^ Manly & Mona Vale hospitals both have great views, even if they are very, very old buildings!!!


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maybe i am just regretting moving to a unit with NO windows!!! I am going a bit stir crazy from the lack of natural light. The unit has only been open 2 months but it is starting to affect everybody. Sorry rant over i didnt mean to hijack your thread!

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