Want to do traveling nursing to HI from Florida


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I have NEVER been to Hawaii but I am VERY interested in doing traveling nursing there. I don't even know where to begin with the questions. I am an ICU nurse and don't know much about the islands and desire to just get away and relax :zzzzzyet make some income while doing that. I have 8 years of experience under my belt and i have worked at teaching and non teaching hospitals. I am unsure of how it is in hawaii.

This would be my first ever travel nursing assignment. I was thinking DC or Virginia but I was attracted to how it appears that life seems much more simplier and laid back there opposed to the metro cities in the states.

How much is endorsement cfor licensure?? What about transportation?? I certaintly am not bringing my car there..I talked to a recruiter recently and he stated that the current pay rate would be $26-$28/hr--that is much less than what I am used to but I really need a break and a quick get away!!

Are the natives welcoming and friendly??? :rolleyes:I wonder what would be the most recommended island to go to as a traveler??

Any other tips for me fellow nurses??:nurse:

Much appreciated!!!


The travel nursing market seems to be in a slump right now because of the economy, but i'm not really sure if that's absolutely true in every state. What about just a vacation to an amazing beach in latin america? Really cheap, beautiful, nice people....and airfare from MIAMI is sooo convenient! I just got back from 6 months in peru and ecuador and am looking for a job in the MICU after a year on a tele floor any tips? Thanks and have fun relaxing at the beach :)

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I think I want to start in Hawaii. I have family there so It would be nice to see them. Plus I called Hawaii state Board of nursing and they said they are hurting and do need nurses especially in ICU. So I am going through the proper channels to start my endeavor!!! I am sooooooooooooooo excited...... I hope I will get a chance to enjoy the beach after a 12 hour shift!!


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the locals are generous and wondeful people, I have lived here for a few years now, on Oahu and big island and one of the best parts of hawaii are the people and the feeling of family

good luck to you!


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"Plus I called Hawaii state Board of nursing and they said they are hurting and do need nurses"

I think the Board of Nursing should call our local hospitals. Maybe even convince them to hire a few of our new grads. =)

I wish you the best of luck. Things will take some time, but keep your patience and stay excited.

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Do you say that the hospital needs to call the state board because you guys are short??


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Tricky situation. Let me explain a bit.

My boss is super awesome. Because of that... we are NEVER short. People love working here, and we always get plenty of applications. In this case, the Board is horribly incorrect. No shortage here.

Then, a few of our night shift nurses left. Some went to the mainland, some scored new gigs on different floors.

So we're a bit short. No problem, we'll just hire a few of our proven and excellent aides who are new grad RNs? Nope, the big wigs froze all new grad hires.

Hmmm... So, yeah, I guess we're short.

Wanna be a tele nurse? *wink* =)

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When I have had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii, I didn't take it because the pay was less than half of a usual travel wage.


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chica_bella, You live in Florida now? I also lived in Florida- about 14 years ago. I lived in Sarasota. If you want to go to HI just to relax and vacation, I will tell you that it is not any different than Florida- same weather, trees, flora, fauna. If you are wanting to leave Florida to be with your family, that is another matter1 If it is just for a short vacation, I agree with'smilelikeumeanit'- the airfares right now are CHEAP, CHEAP!!

When I went to HI, several years ago, the quarrantine for pets was 6 months! HI has never had a case of Rabies, so it is very strict. I refused a couple offers to travel there because of that- I certainly would not leave my dog in a kennel for that amount of time. I think the laws are more relaxed now, but am not sure. Don't know if that would be a problem for you. For myself it was/is a deal breaker.

I am surprised that the salary is so low- the cost of living is high.

May I ask where you are in Florida? I am trying to sell my home here in Wyoming and get back to Florida- I am getting too old for the 20 degrees below zero!!

Good luck.

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I am in the tampa bay area...actually north of tampa. I am choosing Hawaii because I want to get away....just need some me time and relaxation. I am inland.

Some family drama i want to escape and be free for a bit. I have family there also...I want to try travel nursing to make new friends and meet new people. I also am interested in the D.C./VA area as well but I heard Hawaii is soooooooooo laid back I thought maybe I should just try that first since I need a bit of a mental break:smokin:

Plus just the thought of an apartment on the beach!! Woo-Hoo:yeah: Excititng!! I don't think there is much to do there but I just want to start a new life and hopefully I will like travel nursing and it will give me the opportunity to do so....

I know the pay sucks for travelers--I have been saving...I heard it is expensive. I have also thought about California but not right now...I think that state is in a mess right now..


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I have been to honolulu on oahu and it was terrible, i would suggest hilo or kona on the big island. I worked in kona and loved it. Are you an rn?

Hi Chica!

I moved from Tampa, FL to Honolulu at the beginning of March. I had graduated with my BSN in December, and took my boards in February. So when I moved here I got my FL licensed endorsed ($135 by the way) and still cannot find a job anywhere! I've applied to the hospitals, VA, nursing homes, dr offices... no luck. BUT Hawaii is gorgeous! I have an awesome apartment by the beach! Just make sure you line up a job before you move and you should be fine! Aloha!

PS. If anyone knows of any opportunities please share!

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