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Want RN-MSN but...

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Hi All!

I just graduated in May with my ADN and would like to continue on to an RN - MSN program, but my overall GPA is only 2.875...any suggestions?



When I got out of my ADN program, I only had a 2.7 GPA. I went on to do an RN-BSN program over the next year after graduation and got a 3.33 GPA. Thats all I can suggest to you at this point. Do that and get some good experiences,

it helps to be able to make connections to what you are studying.

Missy, who someday will go back for her MSN, but not yet....:rolleyes:

Hi All!

I just graduated in May with my ADN and would like to continue on to an RN - MSN program, but my overall GPA is only 2.875...any suggestions?



Is your question to the affect that you might not be accepted?

I agree with the above post, and also remember that some classes may be taken over to increase GPA. Good luck to you. :)

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Hi, Sara! I did my BSN program at Cleveland State University. All through our program our profs kept telling us that we were also being prepared to go on to graduate school and suggested we aim to get into the MSN program at Case Western Reserve University also in Cleveland. We had a number of discussions about the GPA that CWRU required to get into their MSN program. As I remember, it had to be around 3.0 or 3.2. Our profs kept stressing that even if any of us had a GPA below 3.0 all was not lost. One of the things she told us, to my surprise, was that the graduate nursing school has a certain number of student spots they need to fill to keep the program going. They don't always get all the applicants they need to start a new class. We were told that how you present yourself at the interview is very important, own up to your GPA and give a bit of a self-assessment of how you expect to do better in an MSN program. High grades earned in pre-requisite courses that you may need to take to get into an MSN program is an opportunity to demonstrate that you have improved your study habits since your undergraduate days. The selection committee will also be looking to see if you have a plan and a desire to specialize in an area of nursing. If they sense any undecision on your part with regard to what you will do with an MSN it will work against you. Keep in mind that MSNs are expected to be leaders in nursing and they will look for that character trait in you at your entrance interview.

The other item that affects admission to graduate school that you might not be aware of is your performance on the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) which is required by most schools before entry into their graduate programs. If you can pull a high score on the GRE your prospects of getting in look even better. Don't take this GRE lightly. This is one of those tests that people pay big money for a 6 month class to prepare for it. A good score on the GRE may open the door for you. You can write to the group that gives the GRE to get application materials and sample questions. I don't know if they've changed the content of the test but there used to be a vocabulary and reading comprehension section, a math section, and a section on logical thinking.

Hope that reassures you that all is not lost.

P.S. I'm sorry I had forgotten what you had asked in your post. I didn't realize you haven't gotten your BSN yet. Some of the things I've said apply. There will be undergraduate classes you will need to take to fulfull requirements for a bachelor's degree. Strive to make the highest grades in them that you can because it demonstrates that as a student you are improving.

Good luck.

You didn't mention details, so I don't know if this applies to you or not, but just in case:

I had one semester while I was still majoring in computer science that was just a mess for me. I got 2 Fs! I knew I should drop the classes, but there was no way I could have paid back the financial aid, either, so I just hung in there. That's also when I realized that programming computers was not for me :uhoh3:

Anyway, I am applying for what my school calls "academic forgiveness" which will wipe out that semester since it doesn't contain classes that apply toward my nursing degree. My GPA will jump from a 2.76 to about a 3.4. If your situation is anything like that, you might want to check into it.


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