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I recently took and passed the National Certification Exam for a Professional Massage Therapist, and also applied for licensure in Il. I currently hold an IL-RN license as well. I know that as a massage therapist there are some things that are outside my scope of practice, but it is not outside my nursing practice. IE: Client teaching regarding diabetic care. I plan to work in a health spa that focuses on client health promotion and education while emphasizing relaxation techniques (massage). The facility will be staffed by RNs as well. Could there be a conflict of interest if I want to focus on the massage aspect but still give the teaching of a medical professional? I am covered in both as far as liability, and both professional licenses will be displayed. I am sure that the RN trumps the LMT, right?




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I don't think you should have a problem long as you do what is in your job description and scope of practice as an RN and LMT.


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Are you being hired professionally as both an RN and Massage Therapist? Although, as you say "RN may trump LMT", practicing as an RN in this situation may not be prudent, if you were not hired in that capacity.

For example: A friend of mine is an EMT and IV Tech. While she was working as a CNA on the med/surg floor, she couldn't start IVs, because that was not in her job description as CNA.

Not sure if the example fits---talk to your boss. That way there is no confusion.

Best of luck!


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TYTKHAT, I am in BSN program and will graduate in May, 08. I have also been a licensed massage therapist for several years. I don't know the regulations regarding combining nursing and massage, but seems to me that if you have your own practice, and display both licensures, there should be no problem.

Not having your own practice, and working as an employee, there may be some creative combos that you and your employer can come up with if you explain in your interview that you are both LMP and RN and would like to incorporate skills from both areas in your work. I don't know if this is helpful. I too am trying to figure out how to combine the two professions --adding Psychiatric mental health practitioner to the mix . . . . we'll see!


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I was an LMT as well as RN for several years. I don't think the issue is you doing teaching so much as putting your employeer in a sticky position liability wise. If his/her does not cover you to do the more in depth teaching you may need to refrain and encourage your clients to seek further information from their MD or practitioner. If your employeer is in a bad spot liability wise, so are you in most cases.

Congrats on passing your LMT! Sounds like a fun job too! I had to quit the LMT after an injury (hit by a car while walking, fine now) and never got back into it.

Good luck!!!


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THANK YOU ALL for the response to my question. After doing some further research, I came across some info about nurse medical massage, which sounds like what I am looking for. My employer is also an RN, although not yet licensed in MT (certificate only). I will look into this on all fronts as I would hate to end up in a pickle with my new career;) ! Massage does so much for me as far as being there for my client, and not having to share my care and attention to 5-6 others at the same time.

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If you need a guinea pig to practice on, Im there

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