Walden University Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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Hello! I am considering Walden University Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program. I was wondering if anyone else is going to Walden University and also if anyone has heard anything (good or bad) about this program. Any advice or comments? Thank you,


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I just got my acceptance for the April 10 start date this AM. Have you applied or are you still researching schools?

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I cannot comment about the Walden MH PN program specifically. But I will say that my experience with Walden nursing graduate students and grads has been.... how shall I say this........ quite "variable". I would encourage you to investigate VERY closely before investing your money and time.

  • A key question is the availability and quality of preceptors and clinical experiences in your area. Do you have to find them yourself?
  • See if any local grads of that program can comment face-to-face about how well they were prepared by classwork.
  • If it is available, it would be nice to know how their grads fared on the certification exam.

Caveat emptor!


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I got accepted to Walden PMHNP yesterday and I am starting May 30th.


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I go there I'll be done in 5 months I like it my only complaint is not having lectures it's just read read read they do post videos to watch but I likelectutes and PowerPoints


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Hi, I am thinking of starting the PMHNP program at Walden. How has your overall experience been? Are you the first graduating class? Would you recommend the program? Pass rates? Any info would be appreciated.


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I looked into this program. They do not help you find preceptors. You cannot do your clinical hours at your work location during your shift. They are pretty expensive as well. I work in mental health so the clinical component mentioned above was a deal breaker.


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Hey! I was wondering if I could pick your brain about the PMHNP program. I won't flood you with questions unless you're up for it.


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I have a friend in this program so ask any questions.


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What are the classes like? Is it discussion posts every week, etc? How did they do the health assessment class? Did you have to submit videos of you doing a physical exam? Just curious if you can keep working a job with this program. Thank you!


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There are regular discussion questions I believe weekly. Yes the physical exam/assessment is video taped. Cranial nerves, all systems etc. It is thorough. Working full-time is possible if you stay on top of the work and dedicate about 3- 4 hours a day on each day off.

Clinicals are broken down into individual therapy, group therapy, kids/ adolescent and adults with mental illness. Most clinics run 8 - 4 pm so you are limited of you work similar hours. If you can get into a 24 hour psych facility you can round with the psychiatrist at different hours (evening).

You cannot use your place of employment if it is a mental health facility during your work hours. But you can use work after / before your shift.

I think working non raditional hours is the way to get through any NP program. If you want it bad enough you may have to give up the nice day shift with holidays off to get clinical sites.


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Walden is still refusing to place students with preceptors even after the accreditation agency over them said NP programs need to provide that. Check out those threads for information.