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  1. I have lots of questions! How is the program? Is it possible to work while in it? I am happy about the clinical aspect because I heard that's the worse part trying to find placement!
  2. THANK you.... Good luck to you! This has helped:)
  3. This is helpful. I found the BSN online program easy but engineering all the online videos, etc was challenging for me. I had to find my own 'patients' to video tape a exam. I found it difficult technology wise.. I work 24 hrs in my fulltime job...
  4. What are the classes like? Is it discussion posts every week, etc? How did they do the health assessment class? Did you have to submit videos of you doing a physical exam? Just curious if you can keep working a job with this program. Thank you!
  5. You can't do everything but that what u can do-- do it with excellence and the rest will take care of itself.
  6. You can't do everything but what you can do-- do it with excellence and the rest will take care of itself.
  7. Every deed big or small if done with kindness blesses all.
  8. Doctors do say the darndest things for sure!!! I am a helicopter transport trauma nurse and I was transporting a patient from a scene of an accident in which the vehicle rolled many times and she was found far from the scene. She was ejected out of ...
  9. a surprise delivery! (True!l)
  10. A Pocketful of Hope

    @cmonkey99 I am thrilled ur interested! I have had the best career in nursing and if ur interested I would love to,share! I started out in PICU for 15 yrs but my heart was flying so I then got experience in the ER and CVICU and SICU with adult patie...
  11. A Pocketful of Hope

    Thank u for reading! I need it everyday. Its so easy not to believe in miracles sometimes. That little boy impacted me greatly!
  12. A Pocketful of Hope

    In the far reaches of Vietnam, we had just finished up patient screening. In fact, we had just finished securing our entire surgery schedule that would begin the next day in the city of Can Tho. Our team was exhausted having screened over 200 patient...