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Walden Leadership MSN program


I will be graduating this spring with my ADN. I have applied and was looking at RN-BSN programs but one of my instructors did Walden's ADN-MSN in education tract. I already have a bachelors degree and don't have much interest in getting another one, especially if I can get a MSN in the same amount of time for about the same money (a bit more for Walden).

It is not that I have much interest in the ADN-MSN Leadership tract, but that's the best fit for me as far as needs and wants personally and professionally. Especially since most employers are requiring at least a BSN nowadays.

Can anyone who did the ADN-MSN Leadership tract comment on their experiences. Specifically job market receptiveness after you graduated with a MSN in Leadership. Is the Walden MSN degree accepted out there in the world? I've heard of issues with the practitioner degrees from Walden. Thanks in advance for the help and advice.

I don't know much about Waldens program, just make sure it's regionally accredited. I hear some people have issues if the program they attended is not accredited to what their employer wants.

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How expensive is it? My understanding is that Walden is pretty pricey? Is that an issue for you at all? I know of a handful of online RN-MSN/Leadership programs from reputable PUBLIC universities that are quite a bit less expensive.

ETA: I went to their website and could not find actual concrete tuition information. That would make me very leery.


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Hi Wade,

I didn't do the ADN-MSN track, I just did the MSN Leadership track at Walden. Graduated in late 2009, got my first management job in 2011, still a manager but at another facility.

It is fully accredited and the price is more than your local university but cheaper that some other online institutions. I got a loan and it's now paid off (late last year).

I absolutely loved my experience there, didn't have to get books every semester, they automatically sent them, every class was 5 to 8 weeks long, intense but not impossible. Lots of research papers, lots of discussion with other people, clinical was done in my hometown.

Hope this helps and good luck! :)

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My former chief nursing officer had an online MSN in nursing leadership from Walden U. He is now a department manager at another hospital.

I still would avoid Walden due to the staggeringly expensive tuition. There are cheaper options of better repute on the educational market.

Thanks for the input. What are some of the other online public ADN-MSN programs?

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Thanks for the input. What are some of the other online public ADN-MSN programs?

Western Governors University offers an online ADN-to-MSN program that is $3250 per six-month term. It is all inclusive, meaning the price includes tuition, fees, ebooks, and testing center costs.

Dont forget to check out state universities. Many of them are offering MSN programs online and are cheaper than online universities.


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You do not need to worry about Walden degrees being accepted. I work at a large Teaching Hospital and my boss, one of the AVP's of Nursing (associate vice-president) along with two Nurse Managers of nursing units received these very degrees last year. We are a Magnet Hospital and all three people took the classes together to increase their education experience.

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Hi thanks for information, I am in RN-MSN leadership and management program now at Walden. Can you give some advice how be a great student? My first grade was 96/100. What do you think 2 classes at the same time doable? Thanks