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Hi everyone.

I took the Nclex on June 18. When I checked my results thru quick count it says, Pass.

I just want to know if it's really a 100% that Vermont BON would send me a license? How long should I wait?

A friend of mine claimed that he passed the nclex but the Vermont BON said that his score is not enough for them to issue a license. I dont know if it's true.

Maybe I just need some clear info about this. I'm anxious. Thanks a lot :)

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If you pass the nclex you get a license, ususally takes a few days. Mine took a week to come because of the flooding we had at the end of May and the state offices were closed.

They will send you the pass letter and your license. If you didn't they send you other information about what to do next.

Have you checked the office of proffesional regulation web site, and goto the license look up and put in your name. You should have heard by now.


on the upper rightis where you put in your name.

Hope this helps.

I see... so it's still a 50/50 chance?

I took my Nclex here in Montreal, Quebec. I don't know if it does affect the time before receving any news from Vermont BON.

I tried to check my name on that license look up but nada...:eek:

Still hoping for the best news.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your help. :)

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I would just call the board of nursing. They are very nice and helpful and can answer all your questions.

Hope that helps, oh and you can google for the number.

Thank you so much IdrilRN!

I received my pass letter and license last Monday. I passed.:yeah:

I didn't know where did my friend get that "above average not enough" thingy.

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