Waiting for my ATT.

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I graduated 6/18 and am waiting on my ATT. I live in MA and I know the Pearson VUE says 4 weeks to process. All my information is in. Has anyone registered lately in MA? Will it be four weeks til I get a date?


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May/June and Dec. graduates will take the longest to process in every state due to the volume of graduates in those particular months. I graduated in the month of August (low volume of graduates) in another state and it took 4 weeks for the ATT. I would guess it will be around 6 weeks.

Thank you for the information. I am just frustrated as I am hoping to take it by sometime in August. Depending on when I am scheduled for my exam I might have to add more hours to my schedule for work. I am not working much now as I want to be ready to test should I be able to test in August. I have been a HHA for over 5 years and this was my second attempt at nursing school. I feel so ready to go onto my next adventure in life as a nurse and am just impatient. They gave us a review course through Hurst, which is supposed to be the best.

It has been 1 month since I submitted my application, and I realized there is a problem with my transcript 3 weeks ago. I had to call to even realize there was a problem. I just resubmitted my transcript, and I am still waiting. I hope we can get our ATT soon! I just hope I do not have to travel very far to find a test center that has test dates in July and August.

Hi! I graduated in MA on 5/29 , they recieved my paperwork on 6/6 and I received my ATT on 6/24:) Not to bad of a wait!