Wait time in CA for ATT


Hi everyone,

I applied back in April 6th.. I'm just curious as to if anyone in Mid-End of March or even beginning of April has gotten their ATT yet?

Eagerly waiting..

Thanks in advance..


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Thats a long time that you have been waiting. 30 days is suppose to be the wait time. Call the BON and let them know you have been waiting this long.

I did yesterday and they informed me that they hadn't reached April applications yet.. They were still in March.. í ½í¸¢


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FYI it takes 3 months almost to the day to get your ATT if you are re-applying, so im sure it takes longer for your initial ATT. Once your check to the BRN is cashed, it usually takes 6 weeks to get your ATT.

Thanks.. It was about the same length of time when I took my LPN here in CA.. I was just hoping it would be sooner..

Also see I forgot to mention this application is my for NCLEX-RN..


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Nurse-in-the-making2 have you gotten your ATT yet??

Yes I received it almost 2 weeks ago.. Took forever!!! Lol


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I applied April 30th... Still waiting :facepalm:

I was told by the boards 3 weeks ago that there were over 10,000 application for California sent in for the month of April alone... I got my eligibility/ ATT a few weeks ago and tested on the 8th...