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I am a Nursing student realizing that 12 hr shifts in the hospital arent going to work for me and am wondering what other options I will have as a new grad needing a 9-5 job,no weekends, holidays off. What is the pay like for these jobs and what areas are they in?

Physician's office

Nursing home (you can probably find something 7-3)

Insurance company (maybe)

Urgent care clinic

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Nursing homes are going to make you work weekends. As a new grad, you don't really have the luxury of being picky since there are no jobs as it is out here. The ones with hours like you mentioned are usually for leadership/mgmt positions and those who work in administration. Even urgent care clinics are open holidays and weekends, and you'll be forced to work during that time. The only thing I see suitable for you is school nursing and even those positions (sometimes they want experience but you may get lucky).

Another note, I don't see you getting hands on nursing experience and learning skills unless you are in a hospital or nursing home. Home care is really good as well but I doubt they'd exempt you from weekends. Nursing just isn't a 9-5 kind of profession. People get sick 24/7.

Good luck though!

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I work 9-5, no weekends as a college nurse, but most of those kinds of jobs really like you to have a decent amount of experience behind you. I did my time in hospitals with weekends, too - it's not all bad since you DO get some weekdays off and can do 'normal people' things like MD appointments, etc. :)

I know of several outpatient openings in my area that do not require weekends but they also require experience. Family medicine, internal med clinics, etc.

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I work in an urgent care right now, and it's definitely not 9-5 with no weekends and holidays off! I work 12 hour shifts - 7:30am to 8pm and every other weekend. We do get certain holidays off (I work christmas eve for example, but not christmas day). I never get out at 8pm either because we can not leave until the last patient is finished... Typically I get out around or right after 9pm. I used to work in a different Urgent care which was open until 9pm, and we wouldn't get out until 11pm. It also was open on weekends on holidays.

Maybe a doctors office or school nurse? Or travel nursing.. I'm not sure, but I think they can basically say which hours they are available, right?

Empire Blue Cross is hiring. They recently had an Open House. They start at 60k.

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any Methadone clinic or working a regular clinic

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