VTC 2012?

U.S.A. Vermont


Anyone applying? I'm waiting in suspense to hear!!!

I was accepted!! YAY!!! I'm soooooo excited!! Anyone else starting this fall?

Specializes in Transplant & HPB Surgery, Heme/Onc, LTC.

I got waitlisted for Williston. I got accepted to UVM's master's entry program (my first choice) and Norwich's BSN program, though, so I'm not disappointed. Good luck with your studies!

Thank you, and same to you! I was accepted to Williston but none of my friends who also applied were :( I'm so excited!!! I have a friend in UVM's MEPN program this year, it sounds really good :)

Specializes in Transplant & HPB Surgery, Heme/Onc, LTC.

My daughter's friend graduated from VTC and she loved the program. She got an RN position right away. Do you know how many people they take in Williston? All of the programs are so competitive! I also applied to Clinton Community College but withdrew my app once I had the UVM acceptance.I am excited to be in the MEPN program - I've met a few classmates on Facebook, so it's starting to feel more real.

I think it's somewhere between 25-30.. at least that's what I've heard. I know it's so competitive!!! Hey I also applied to Clinton but will not go now if I'm accepted since I was accepted at VTC :) You must be so excited! What kind of NP do you want to be?

Specializes in Transplant & HPB Surgery, Heme/Onc, LTC.

I chose the adult NP track. I would like to work in a clinic in a corporate setting or a retirement community. Do you have an idea of what type of nursing you'd like to do?

Oh that's exciting! I'm not sure yet, I figure once I have the opportunity to clinical in different specialties, I will get a better idea then :)

I was accepted into the brattleboro site, anyone else going there?

My friend is! She's really nice :)

I applied yesterday for Fall 2014 for the Williston campus. I was wondering what the average GPA is that usually gets accepted or if you guys can private message me and let me know what your grades looked like, that would be great. After this semester, I will have all of my science courses completed.

I got A's in all of my previous science courses but I know there are a few people who were more B students that got in.

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