VISA and SEC Assessment (For Canada)


Hi! I'm from the Philippines and I have pending application in CARNA.

I've already received a letter from them and they advised me to take an English exam and the SEC Assessment. Ive already met their English requirement. For the SEC, I need to apply for a VISA first before I could register.

Can someone advise me on what type of VISA should I apply for? I'm planning to get a tourist VISA and if so, will it be enough to present the CARNA letter? How much do I need for the "show" money/assets? Will I still be needing lots of money if my relatives in Calgary will be paying for the expenses?

Thanks and hope to hear from anyone soon..:nuke:


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You apply for a tourist visa and tell them that your purpose for coming to Canada is to take the exam. Show them your confirmation letter from the examination centre. I don't know about the "show money"... I don't think they will require you to show a lot because your sole purpose of coming to Canada is just to take the exam.


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I already applied for a tourist VISA..I got denied..:cry:

suzanne4, RN

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If you got denied, then there is going to be no way for you to write the licensure exam in Canada.

Did they give you reason for the denial?

Unfortunately, once denied, it is much harder to get approval to be able to go there to write the exam.

Same thing happens with the US.

Best of luck to you.

Only other way would be to get hired by a hospital and then go there with the visa that you would get for that, but it would not be in the role of the RN since you cannot write the exam first.


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how come you got denied? what's the reason? I am in the process of completing my requirements for a tourist visa to take the SEC assessment. I hope I will not be denied. Please tell me some info. thank you very much.


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Ask your relatives to sponsor you. easy.


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To apply for a visit visa to Canada for taking SEC assessment test I would advise you to have strong documentation showing your financial stability. As far as I know this test can take 3-5 days and the person is expected to return back home after the test as you can not adjust status from within Canada. The immigration officer must be satisfied that you have enough money for travel and your stay in Canada and that you won't become a liability to Canadian government. Having a relative/friend there is certainly a plus.

Good Luck to all.

Why not try student visa? but it's too much expensive because you need to enroll in a school. The hard part is getting acceptance from the school. It's costly and Canadian standards for me is higher than US (I think) based on experience and the requirements that they are asking.


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@babyjr: It was about a year ago now and I forgot the exact wording. It was something like they are not convinced that I'm going back home after the test.

@greg08: I did. I already submitted all the requirements (September 2008). It was under the new immigration program, AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program-Family Stream). I'm currently waiting for their reply.

@frustratednurse: I might try to apply for a student visa, if my AINP application is unsuccessful. I already contacted Mount Royal College and they said I could study there before taking SEC Assessment.

Thank You!

what specific study or program are you referring to? Thanks


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Bridge to Canadian Nursing..Level II..

ah, they must be first eligible to sit the exam for CRNE in order to enroll for the said course. They must first apply to the provincial licensing bodies like CARNA etc.. However, some of the provincial institutions require first the International Educated Applicant to take SEC(it's a written and practical exam, NOTE: this is not CRNE) if they think that your credentials lack to par with Canadian standards. But not all provincial licensing bodies require this. Afterwards, if grade obtained is satisfactory then you can enroll for the said course. If you have the eligibility I suggest that first priority is find an employer first.

Do you know the province where they would take the Bridge to CANADIAN nursing? Please note that if they want to go to CANada by means of student visa. THe course, certificate, or diploma applied must be more than 6 months. If the course is less than 6 months the visa can be tourist (visitors visa). But here in the Philippines if you applied for a student visa for a course that will take less than 6 months they will deny you (certain factors affects the decision, financial capabilty, ties to philippines lastly THE INTENTION TO GO BACK AFTER FINISHING THE COURSE etc..) and adviced to take tourist visa instead -- This is according to my consultant, he is a CIC accredited consultant,. Difference is in student visa you can apply for a work permit while the latter cannot.

If you will look at it closely, if you applied for a student visa and the course is a bridgin gprogram. the immigration officer might question your intention to stay in CANADA. because the course itself will give a hint that you want to work there and intention going home after the course is done is last thing on the list. However, in CANADA there is a concept of dual intent - " This can come up in a situation where an international student has one intention to apply for a study permit (as a temporary resident) and a second intention to apply for permanent residency. An applicant may have several mechanisms under the Act allowing them to transfer from the temporary resident stream to the permanent resident stream that would satisfy this dual intent provision. This “dual intent’ is not grounds for refusal of the study permit."

Pleae check the CIC website, below is the official website of Canada and you can find lot of information regarding several issues:

Mount Royal College link

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