Spring 2011 VCU hopefuls?

  1. Hi all!

    Is anyone out there in the process of applying to virginia commonwealth? I'm applying for the accelerated bsn program that begins may 2011. What other bsn programs are near Richmond?

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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    The following schools offer BSN degrees for those with college degrees in another area. Some are accelerated BSNs (12-15 months), others enroll you into a 2 year program (18-24 months).

    Bon Secours Memorial College (Richmond)
    Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg)
    George Mason University (Fairfax)
    Hampton University (Norfolk)
    Liberty University (Lynchburg)
    Marymount University (Arlington)
    Norfolk State University (Norfolk)
    Old Dominion University (Norfolk)
    Radford University (Radford)
    Sentara College of Health Professions (Virginia Beach)
    Shenandoah University (Winchester)
    Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)

    UVa and VCU also offer Direct Entry MSN programs.
  4. by   NoleMercy
    Hi Chantal,

    I also am applying to VCU for May 2011 Good luck to you! Did you get everything in?

  5. by   chantie19
    Hi NoleMercy!

    yes I'm applying to the accelerated Bachelor's program for May 2011. I submitted my packet and essay feeling so very good about it. Now I've been reading so many posts on allnurses about ppl not getting accepted with 4.0 GPA's! But keepin my head up!

    I am moving to VA in a few weeks actuallyl and once I get there I'm still gonna apply to a few more programs. How about you?

  6. by   NoleMercy
    You have a 4.0? sheesh! that's impressive! I applied to Duke, University of Southern Maine and Medical University of South Carolina as well. I already heard from (and go into) USM. It's a relief to know I'm going to be studying nursing somewhere! What other programs are you thinking of applying to?
  7. by   chantie19
    I can really only apply to areas around Richmond, VA or to Chapel Hill. Myh usband is deploying to Iraq and I need to be around family to help with our 3 kids....yes 3 lol!

    congrats on getting into USM!! That's got to be an awesme feeling! Are you going there or is your heart set on another school? I've heard of good things of Medical University of SC...don't they have a chiropractor college?

    The only program I"m gonna apply to are the Bachelor's and Master's, not sure which schools, will see in about a week when we get there :-)
  8. by   NoleMercy
    It's probably my 3rd choice behind VCU and Duke respectively.... however the Duke pricetag is kind of making me have a heart attack of it. So we'll see. Getting in somewhere is just a huge relief, because at least I know I'm going somewhere, you know?

    That's awesome though that you're applying to VCU. The wait is killing me though...
  9. by   chantie19
    You and me both! Two more months lol! Before applying to VCU I had no idea how competitive it was.......so that's what's making me so anxious!

    Best of luck..............hopefully we'll both find out soon. I'll post my reply :-)
  10. by   Cathylady
    Please keep the board posted when you get accepted!
    My daughter's in the traditional BSN program at VCU and loves it!
  11. by   NoleMercy
    Will do Cathy! I'm hoping so much I get in
  12. by   weluv3

    I was just curious as to whether VCU requires the TEAS test or any other entrance exams?

    I may be relocating and VA is one of the states we are researching moving to.

    Also, is this program 1 year or?

    Thanks so much!
  13. by   chantie19
    No TEAS required......for the accelerated B.S.N. program. I applied to the program for May entrance. We just moved to the state on the 23rd of December. VCU was the only school I applied to before even coming here bcos I was SO sure of being accepted.

    Now that we are here I'm in the process of applying to the JSargeant Associate program, John Tyler associate program and maybe at Virginia State. I need all my bases covered.

    I will tell you though, Virginia is the strangest state I've ever lived inlol! And I've lived as far west as Alaska! The tuition here is CRAZY and to apply for domesticity is even crazier! We are a military family and have had it so easy when we move to get into schools, driver's licenses, our kids registered in school....but not here!

    good luck in your choice! I am still waiting a few more weeks to hear back from VCU............I have never endured anything so nervewracking in my life
  14. by   Cathylady
    Any updates on acceptance?