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Hello everyone! I am looking for current, past, and even prospective students for Riverside's RN program. I will be applying for the September 2013 professional nursing program. For current or... Read More

  1. by   hgt219
    If you've had the vaccines for some of the things before do you need the titers drawn?
  2. by   kelzfuturenurse
    Quote from Future_Nurse002
    Thank you for all the information !! I think I am up to date on most of them except for the TB assessment. I just need to get a physical.
    No prob! That is good to hear.

    Quote from hgt219
    If you've had the vaccines for some of the things before do you need the titers drawn?
    No ma'am, as long as you have record of it! I have to get mine drawn for Chicken Pox Monday morning before work :-(.
  3. by   hgt219
    I couldn't do that! Haha. I tend to pass out or atleast feel like I'm going to pass out when I get blood drawn.
  4. by   kelzfuturenurse
    Yeah, I know a couple of people either feel like they're going to pass out or actually pass out after having blood drawn. When I was preggo, I would get lab work done that morning and work the rest of the day.
  5. by   hgt219
    Craaaaazy! I'm going after work tomorrow. Hopefully I can get everything done in one visit but I'm not counting on it
  6. by   hgt219
    So I had my doctors appointment today. I pretty much passed out just from getting the tb test haha but I came prepared with a coke to drink. I only had to get a titer drawn for varicella. The only vaccine I need is the tdap and they couldn't do it there because of my health insurance but I can get it done for free on base.
  7. by   kelzfuturenurse
    Lol @ the TB test. Well that is good you're getting everything out the way. I can't wait to get the titer done and over with! I have tiny veins so it is almost always a pain in the butt to get blood drawn.
  8. by   hgt219
    Yeah that'll be good!
  9. by   kelzfuturenurse
    C'mon orientation! :-) I'm so ready to get more info.
  10. by   hgt219
    So am I! And I want to tour the campus
  11. by   hgt219
    I turned in my health forms yesterday and our book list is posted!
  12. by   kelzfuturenurse
    Just turned in all my stuff this morning. Thanks for the info about the books! I was checking for it but got tired of doing that.
  13. by   hgt219
    Yeah just typing in riverside for the code doesn't bring it up but if you go to our RN homepage on Moodle and scroll down to the textbook info the access code for the level 1, 3, and 4 students is there