Need Encouragment Please

  1. I Been A Nurse Since June Of 07 And I Started A New Job Last Week At A Ltc/rehab Facility. Some Of The Staff Members Are Really Nasty And The State Has Been There Twice In One Month. I Love The Patients And Im Trying To Ignore The Ignorant Staff Members But I Am Really Fed Up And Ready To Just Quit!
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  3. by   kanling
    What were you doing before last week? Honestly, if it is really that bad you should probably leave. The question is whether you should go quickly and leave it off your resume in the future or whether you should tough it out while looking for another job. Try to keep your emotions in check in this circumstance.
  4. by   bltfam
    In my opinion the biggest draw back of starting a new job in a hospital setting is the women no OFFENCE LADIES but I would rather work on a floor with all men any day women can be very difficult My thoughts on this... for whatever its worth... if you think that the conflict between personalities will slowly resolve then stick it out but if you feel that this will be a struggle then GET OUT you do not need added stress of a first job you need to think of your well being Nursing jobs are every where now. try to get transfered to a different unit if not leave. Some women can be shallow and for no reason just be snobby. sometimes as women we are unhappy with our situation in life but instead of being nurturing and helpful they tend to resent this new young nurse for whatever reasons that they are lacking Unless you did or said something to them to make them have a problem with you its not you its them but if its not a healthy place for you its not the right job I had a intership in a ER the summer before i graduated and thee was a young male RN that all the nurses liked well i came in the picture started working there and this nurse was very helpful and when going to the lab etc he would take me along and show me and teach me things well the other nurses thought that i should just be there for them to do all the work they didnt want to do and it took me some time to figure out the dynamics of it all but the msle nurse that used to talk to them now was giving me his time and they let me know they didnt like it or me. I had to stay it was 8 weeks but taking the internship i was promised a job offer when i graduated. Needless to say i didnt take the job. It wasnt worth it. Too many games and too many in a power struggle. not good for anyone!!!
    I'm not trying to say all women are like that I'm not but the expression one bad apple spoiles the bunch is true here.
    Bottom line if you cant resolve the issues then move on
    Good luck whatever you decide
    Other nurses reading this give new nurses a chance help them teach them and you will feel better about yourself
  5. by   joanpas
    I can see that you are still new to nursing. It may take some time until you find the specialty that you will enjoy.
    You can't really help the people around you but you can make your environment. It's all about attitutude.Stay positive and keep your head up. Work on your skills and continue to look outside. Opportunities are out there. Nursing can take you anywhere.
  6. by   barefootlady
    Hello Toni,
    I am sorry to hear your new job is not working out for you. From what little you wrote, it seems like this is a toxic work environment. I would advise you to quietly resume the search for another position, keep your head down, do your job, and keep quiet about your plans. It is often stressful to start a new job but even more so when your fellow employees are so negative. The state being there is a concern to you and rightly so. Good luck and let us know how things go for you in the future.
  7. by   barefootlady
    Hi bITFAM,
    I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with many of the statements you made. Nursing is a difficult job, sometimes our fellow workers make it even more difficult by being into gossip and negativity. I hope you are in a good position and able to do the job you want to do for the patients. Have a great day.
  8. by   bltfam
    yes, I am in home care and have been for the past 10 years I take care of children at home with special Dx that are on vents etc I love the one on one and i love kids so it fits
  9. by   lil' girl
    Yes some of the staff can be cruel to new members. Could be they feel threatened by you. Yes, you are fresh from school and remember many things they may have forgotten or swept under the rug. Give them time, they may accept you. Just don't let them get you down. Do your best and get on with it.

    When I first started out of school I was lucky that most of the people I worked with were nice and helpful. One of the other nurses commented though that some of the new LPNS have LPN itis........ I'm like what is that, she said oh you know they challenge what you say versus what they learned in school...... so I learned to NOT say well this is how we learned it in school, do you think we should really be doing it like this?? Instead I just listened and then did it the way I was taught in school. I never heard anyone say that I had LPn-itis. True the seasoned nurses can give you some VERY good information and help so just listen. That doesn't mean you have to do it their way, just do it the right way.
    Good Luck, and try to stick it out a little longer, see what happens.
  10. by   NrsheartTS
    I left that nursing home about 4 weeks ago and now i work with trach patients. I love every minute of it!