Looking to Relocate -- What is the Virginia nursing market like right now

  1. hi everybody,
    my husband and i are considering a relocation to virginia if things don't open up here in the sunshine state soon. my family lives in linden. can anyone tell me how the nursing market is looking in the winchester and surrounding areas? anywhere like an hour and a half in driving time from linden, even d.c. oh yeah, let me add in there i am a new grad,who hasn't become employed here in fl cause us new grads, we have the plague or something -- no one wants us. the only reason nursing is in demand in fl is to keep the nursing schools in business!
    so any advice on the market, new grad opportunities and names of hospitals in the areas so i can hit the websites?
    thank you in advance, you guys are great:heartbeat
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  3. by   EwokRN
    Hi. I don't live near the D.C. area. I live in SE VA. From what I understand from the VA nursing boards, NOVA (Northern VA) is only accepting mainly BSN Nurses. Now, I don't know how true that is..maybe someone from that area can chime in.

    I know that some of the hospitals here in SE VA are not hiring new RN grads currently (or that many), and that one of the hospitals here locally has a hiring freeze. Sorry, I don't think the situation up here is that much different compared to Fla.

    Wish you the best!
  4. by   mommyof2Tees
    hi beat2beat,

    you might get more reponses if you pose your question under the virginia threads
  5. by   Flames9_RN
    The hiring is slow that is for sure, but I know a fair # of ADN students getting jobs (yes even with INOVA). But its not like in yrs past where everyone has gotten multiple offers. I know plenty that have applied everywhere and no offers to be had,,lot of bummed out students
  6. by   mama2_3
    Our clinical instructor recommended us, first year students, to get a job in the hospital as CNAs "to get a foot in the door." I am not sure if you can afford it as a new grad. I am sure it's a good advice for students. However, I can't emagine working (+family) and going to school at the same time.
  7. by   NursingGeek
    I know a lot of people having a hard time finding work that just graduated with me (last week). I am one of the lucky ones who got an offer, and I do know of some who got jobs. So there is some work even for non-BSN nurses. But jobs are really not easy to come by around here right now (Northern VA here).
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    I'd check out Valley Health -- http://www.valleyhealthlink.com/jobs -- Valley Health has hospitals in Winchester, Front Royal (10 minutes from Linden), and Woodstock. I'll send you a PM, too ... I think VH is still hiring new grads, but I'm not certain.
  9. by   alem992
    INOVA does accept Associate Degree nurses, the only positions that they want BSN nurses is in pediatrics (NICU, PICU ) I think IMC and Med-Surg ICU (INOVA-Fairfax) are the only ones hiring new graduates at this time.

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