I want to be a virginian!

  1. Hi i am looking to move to your most wonderful state.
    have been looking for a job anywhere in a Va. I am a lpn with i hope enough experience to do anything anyone wants me to. if anyone out there has any leads i would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Well, you know, once it is gone it does not spontanousley regenerate. Although, I do understand some plastic surgeons can repair it for you..........what?...what?............ OH, virginian..........sorry :imbar ... I misunderstood :uhoh21: .

    Hope you find a place to your liking in Virginia. The Norfolk area is very nice, as long as you get out of the city a little bit. Hampton Roads area is very nice, or used to be. I am sure there are plenty of jobs in the larger metropolitan areas.

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  4. by   frann
    Mary washington hosp. hiring now. need nurses bad. there is a 500 $finders referral that we can split if you take a job there. not sure what kind of sign on bonus available if any.
    all floors hiring.
    I anyone interested email me at
    thanks fran :hatparty:
  5. by   kkbaroness
    Check out their web site job listings at Carillion.com

    Lots of RN and LPN jobs
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  6. by   Nitengale326
    Are you looking for nursing home, hospital, clinic, what. I know alot of the hospitals in the Northern Va area are no longer hiring LPNs so that may be an issue for you to consider. I am originally from Charlottesville and the pickin's down there were slim at best, although UVA is a great hospital... they have hiring freezes on very often and for extended periods of time. If you love the mountains, look to Lynchburg or Roanoke, if you love the beach head to Tidewater area, if you love metro areas, Richmond is a great town. Good luck... the hardest part will be deciding where to go. Just remember this is a commonwealth and not a true state and we definitely have an overabundance of the good ol boys attitude in the Capitol.

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