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I applied to the 23 month program!

That's amazing! Are you in your undergrad senior year right now? 

Yes I am!! Are you?

Yes! Oh my gosh, this is so fun :) you’re officially my first friend in the program — assuming I get in, LOL

same here ?I’ve been looking for one of these discussion boards for this program so I’m happy I came across it! did you apply to another programs or just villanova?

a few, although Villanova is my top choice! I also did Drexel, Jefferson, widener, and UPenn — haven’t heard back from any yet, tho, and I’m still doing pre-reqs

I also applied to a few others but Villanova is definitely my top choice! I am also still taking a few prereqs. Have you taken patho yet?

I totally forgot to respond, so sorry oh my gosh! 

How's it going?? I just interviewed for Villanova yesterday — hoping we hear soon!!

I haven't, I'm going to start it probably next month? Taking it online via Portage since my school doesn't hold it. Have you?

it’s OK! I haven’t taken it either I’m also going to take it through portage! 

I have my interview on Thursday! I’m excited but also nervous haha. How was your interview??

Ah good luck!! You got this!

It was pretty comfortable — she asked a lot of questions with extensive answers, like about my experience in healthcare and my feelings on nursing duties and values etc, but she made it conversational and friendly so I didn’t feel too on the spot :) Long, though, I heard most people go about 30 min and mine was an hour?? 

Maybe I just talked too much, haha


Thank you so much!! I’m sure you did great! 

Did she say how long it will take to hear back? I hope we find out soon :) Also do you know how many people they admit? I feel like I saw it somewhere on the website but can’t find it now haha.

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