Villanova BSN Express '11

U.S.A. Pennsylvania


Is anyone else applying/been accepted to Villanova's BSN Express class starting in May 2011?

I have!!

I've sent in my application...I don't think anyone got accepted yet. I spoke with the secretary and she said they don't start looking at the applications until the deadline is over--although she didn't sound too confident when saying that.

good luck! =)

oh! quick long were your essays? I spent a lot of time thinking about it but less time writing it---just nervous about the essay portion. I wonder how much it applies to the admission process?

I have been accepted for the May 2011 start. My essay was a page long, maybe a little over a page.

This program is my #1 choice! I'm not ready to apply yet but I did just start taking my pre-req's for it. (which is a big step because I'm doing a complete career change!)

Did anyone take any of their pre-reqs for Villa online? I'm looking for suggestions for an affordable online option so I can get these finished asap!

Good luck to you all! I'll be following in your footsteps in the hopefully not too distant future :yeah:

brndnw- congrats to your acceptance! when did you send in your application? hope i get a call soon =)

Thanks!! I sent in my application sometime last Fall. Goodluck!!

BrndNw13, I also got in for the May start!

beyondtrouble, I did my pre-reqs at UoP online. It's not the best quality, but it was within my price range and it was convienient.

Trin and BrndNw13, you are both lucky. During my interview, I was told that decisions will be made by December. I'm patiently waiting.

It wasn't luck - decisions are made by December. I sent my app in last year, but couldn't attend the May 10 start. BrndNw13, I'm guessing, was probably in the same boat. But we both applied last year, so don't sweat it.

Maybe we will be classmates, Trin! I can't wait for December when I finish most of the prereqs and find out my fate! Did you apply to any other school besides Villanova?

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