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  1. Hello All. I am considering relocating to Vermont and was hoping some of you might have come through the LPN/ADN programs at Vermont Technical College. I'm looking for some guidance as to which campus might be preferable, general info about quality of instruction, hospital affiliations, ets. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   cheyne stokes
    Hello. This is a belated reply to your questions about Vermont Tech... if you happen to catch this post and want to ask me anything in particular, feel free.
    In general the VTC nursing programs are very good. Brattleboro campus has a 100% NCLEX pass rate almost every year. Some campuses are harder than others to get into, due to space. That goes for both the LPN and ADN programs. Let me know if you want to know anything else.
  4. by   nightchild8
    Thanks for the reply. Since first posting I've had a chance to visit the Brattleboro & Bennington campuses. At this point I'm leaning toward Bennington, mostly because of thier affiliation with Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, which I understand is a magnet hospital. I've been told that Brattleboro has a better phyc rotation due to it's proximity to the Retreat. But, I'm hoping to eventually focus on trauma nursing so I'm not particulary swayed by that opinion. If you have any insites as to either of the programs at these campuses I'd love to hear them. Did you actually attend VTC? Thanks again!
  5. by   cheyne stokes
    I go to the Brattleboro campus, we go to Brattleboro Hospital the first year and then I think the second year we go to other facilities for clinicals, maybe Dartmouth? I don't know anything about the Bennington campus, only that the curriculum is the same at any VTC campus. If you want to know anything in particular, just ask and I'll try to answer.
    Where are you relocating from?
    Edited to add: I have a few classmates who moved to Brattleboro after they were denied at other locations. We seem to have more space than other VTC programs. They told us at orientation that the minimum GPA for some campuses is 3.8, just FYI, but you'll probably be able to get in wherever you choose.
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  6. by   bousue
    Is it NLNAC accredited? I read in the NH group that the NHTC in Berlin and Laconia were not. Just curious. I have started my prereq`s for them through VCC in Newport. Thanks!
  7. by   nurse_drumm
    Hey, I know this is late in coming, but I've just joined today, and found your post. I graduated in 2003 from VTC's Bennington campus. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.....

  8. by   tqbotu
    Hi Nurse Drumm-I will be attending VTC at the Springfield campus this coming fall. I just joined today and found your post. It has been a long road to acceptance so I am so excited to finally be accepted. You said you attended at the Bennington campus? That is another of the extended campuses right? I am a little confused as to what to expect , I know there will be two clinical day and two class days? I've had a hard time figuring out how this will all work. There are 2 semesters to an LPN and an additional program to receive an RN, right? Can you tell me a little about what the program was like for you? I"ve had a hard time getting answers from the people at VTC, they seem really overwhelmed with all the applicants, but I want to be well prepared!
  9. by   goodspiritsRN
    tqbotu - I attended vermont tech this past year and just graduated in June of 07. The LPN course is 10 1/2 months. 3 semesters and the RN program is 2 semesters. So far everyone that has taken the exam has passed. They have a 100% pass rate. If you have any further questions please ask me. Good Luck.
  10. by   tqbotu
    Thanks for the reply! I actually do have another question if you don't mind...Can you tell me anything about what the work load is like? I am going to try to work at least part time when I"m not in class or clinical. Is there tons of work that goes along with this? I've heard from my advisor that there is but heard from past students that there is not. Any insight? Thank you again!
  11. by   goodspiritsRN
    I did all my prereq's prior. So i had at least one day off a week. I worked only on friday and saturday nights and sometimes just saturday nights because we had our tests either on friday's or mondays each week and sometimes both monday and friday were exams. Second semester is more demanding then first because your only doing one day of clinicals but second semester its two days and dont forget you have to research your client and all there meds so that cuts into your studying time. We had a lot of people that had to drastically cut back on their work schedule. But Part time is duable. It is a lot of studing and reading i felt but focusing on the nursing interventions is the key to the studying. Congrats on the acceptance! Hope that helps.
  12. by   qhilldogs
    I know this is very late for most of you, However I was a grad of VTC LPN program in Bennington in 1999. I was able to work VERY part time and graduated with honors. I gradusted from the ADN program in 2002 I split between the bennington and Bratt. compus I did clinical in several places and got I good education. I was able to work 2/3 time durring my ADN year because I had done most pre-reqs first. I now teach at VTC in Bratt. and work in critical care at Dartmouth Hitchcock. the education worked for me.
    Good luck to all
  13. by   nightchild8

    Thanks for your reply (better late than never!) I'm into the 2nd semester (LPN) @ Bennington now and am very pleased with the program. It is just about time to start submitting the ADN applications and I defiantly plan on doing so.

    It was great to hear that you are now TEACHING the program at Brattleboro. I love my experience in Bennington, and am very fond of my instructors (they have been extremely supportive as well as knowledgeable but, because of my location, it may end up making more sense to attend the ADN program in Brattleboro. If you have a chance I'd greatly appreciate your opinion of the clinical experiences available in the ADN year.

    I was also delighted to hear that you are working at Dartmouth. It seems (from the small amount of research that I've done) like an incredible facility. I'd be very interested in what you thoughts, and any insight you might be able to give me on what kind of (newbie) nurses they would consider hiring (I'm feeling like OR is the place I'd like to eventually end up).

    Thanks again for your post.
  14. by   qhilldogs
    The Bennington Program Has a better option with use of Albany med for some clinicals, however you will get a better paych rotation at Brat. the med / surg rotations are equal. This is my opinion as a student. as a clinical instructor either location can be the best experience if you apply yourself.

    As far as being a new nurse and wanting to go to the OR there are currently and will be for at least the next 2 years OR internships at DHMC you basically get another 6 months of school and get trained inthe OR. they are hireing new grads as well as experienced nurses into that program. DHMC is getting harder to get into as a new grad because they are not as short as some places on nurses.

    I also stronley recoment at least 1 year of experience before you go into a speciality because you will have to know how to do it all some day and if you never have done it it will put you in a bind.

    Good luck and maybe we will meet someday. feel free to ask any more questions