1. I'm going to be part of an upcoming class-action lawsuit going back several years against this community college's nursing program. I would STRONGLY advise not going to this school. Most of the infractions and illegal activity is from the Bennington/Putnam location, but the college is in some major trouble for allowing discriminatory practices & misappropriation of funds among other things. All I can say is be very careful before you apply to any program. You never know how unsavory the situation can be. Always ask past students about their experience & look up if there were any lawsuits previously against the school. Good luck to all!
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  3. by   dalgal
    Yikes! That's scary! I looked into Vermont Tech and found their record of graduation, passing the NCLEX, and job placement rates to be at the high end of the field. Can you be more specific about the issues you are going thru? I'm sorry to hear your experience was so bad. I will be going through the Newport site.
  4. by   NeedchangeofPace
    I willl (eventually) be going through the Bennington site.
    A little more detail would be great, as the highly regarded Dalgal had stated.:bowingpur

    Vt Tech is not a Community College per say as much as CCV is. Although both are state administered.

  5. by   jackie777
    Wow! That's some harsh reviews of Vermont Technical College. I'm certainly concerned about attending there. Yes, they claim very high NCLEX pass rates. But, I just checked their graduation rates with the US government and the graduation rate is 51%! *****

    I'm going to be attending the Brattleboro, VT site. Has anyone gone there? If so, how is the review?
  6. by   VTRN774
    I'm curious: has this suit been filed yet? I went throught the Bennington site several years ago, and I'm not aware of anything illegal. I got a pretty good education there, and I think I came out well prepared to begin my practice.
  7. by   dalgal
    I couldn't find anything about it either. For all it's worth, I've heard only good things from former students--all of whom said it was tough but really prepared them well. I'm not sure why the low grad rate? I'll be in the Newport site hopefully this fall (had to defer it from last year). Good luck to you in Bennington!
  8. by   nightchild8
    Wow is right! I graduated from the RN program at the Bennington site in June 09, and I have to say I was shocked to read your post. No nursing program is perfect, of course, but I feel that all in all I received a great education, from knowledgeable, dedicated instructors, who were blunt, honest, and certainly did not coddle me, but were clearly interested in my success. I felt well prepared to start out as a nurse and have come to find the best practices I learned at VT tech to be a real touchstone for my practice.

    Of course I can't claim that my experience was universal, and, it was more recent, but.... I mean.... illegal actions? I'm REALLY curious to know more about all of this.
  9. by   VTRN774
    [quote=jackie777;4097274]I just checked their graduation rates with the US government and the graduation rate is 51%! *****
    The two years I was at VT Tech, there were many students who began the program (I think 29 in myLPN year and 18 in the RN year) and far fewer who completed the program. In the LPN year, I think two flunked out in the first semester, and ten others dropped out for other reasons: health problems, money, family, & deciding nursing wasn't for the. Similar stories for the RN year. In my experience, the graduation rate didn't reflect problems with Vermont Tech. They were just the product of the stresses students face when juggling work, family, and a rigorous program.
  10. by   NeedchangeofPace
    The grad rate and the NCLEX rates are two very distinct numbers.

    If you have 100 students start the course and only 51 graduate and of those 51 90% pass NCLEX that would be 46 so the actual pass rate based on your intial class of 100 would be 46%. which sounds low but not really the true number your looking for.


    PS hello Dalgal
  11. by   dalgal
    Hi all! Glad to see the Vermont site picking up a bit! I'd be curious to see what this year's passing rates are, or at least graduation rates. Also, some of the sites like Newport, are smaller, with only 9 students. I wonder if those have different results.
    (Hi NeedChangeofPace--I'll PM you)
  12. by   Herman22
    carrie42 how do I get ahold of you????? I need to join that class action lawsuit. I have a ton of relevant information and evidence, as well as several other students interested.
  13. by   Dynas12180
    Wow, could someone elaborate a little on this lawsuit? I will be going to the Bennington site in August and this had me a little concerned.
  14. by   NeedchangeofPace
    I have watched this thread since its first post and I believe that the original poster, by their own admission was failing the clinical portion of the VTC program, click Help!! Failing last few weeks of clinical.
    To the best of my knowledge and searching with Google there has been no lawsuit filed.
    As others have said no program is perfect, it just sounds like sour grapes to me, but that is just my worth.