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I'm going to be part of an upcoming class-action lawsuit going back several years against this community college's nursing program. I would STRONGLY advise not going to this school. Most of the infractions and illegal activity is from the Bennington/Putnam location, but the college is in some major trouble for allowing discriminatory practices & misappropriation of funds among other things. All I can say is be very careful before you apply to any program. You never know how unsavory the situation can be. Always ask past students about their experience & look up if there were any lawsuits previously against the school. Good luck to all!


I have watched this thread since its first post and I believe that the original poster, by their own admission was failing the clinical portion of the VTC program, click

To the best of my knowledge and searching with Google there has been no lawsuit filed.

As others have said no program is perfect, it just sounds like sour grapes to me, but that is just my :twocents: worth.


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Hey Mark,

Thanks for replying. I had read this post before as well, but I was surprised that another person (herman) responded as he/she did. Its too bad neither of them will tell us what is it we need to worry about. Honestly though, I'm not too concerned.


I just graduated, and I attended the PN program last year. I have to say, and I know it is cliche', but you get out of the program what you put into it. I agree with the above post that said no program is perfect, and I do believe they could put more emphasis on critical thinking, but illegal...that is a bit extreme.

I just graduated from the Brattleboro site. It was challenging! I do have a hard time saying it was great right now...however when I really start working as a LPN within the next few weeks, I will know if I was prepared. I think the 1st year is the hardest anyway. I am relieved to be done with this year. It has changed me as a person only for the better as I really had to overcome a lot about myself through this program. I really hope that it makes me a good nurse.

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Well said everyone...each program has its plusses and drawbacks...I, for one, am looking forward to the year!

I am going to be part of an upcoming classaction lawsuit going many years back, please please reconsider going to VTC, I KNOW that the Putnam campus is VERY corrupt and I have heard horror stories from the other campus'. Save your time, money and most importantly sanity! Unethical practices, prejudism, favoritism, inconsistant grading, and lack of professionalism pretty much sums up this school!

Hmmm,, this post is almost verbatim of carrie42, could it be??

I have thought that all along that these two had probably flunked out and that they are part of the "student snowflake" generation i.e. entitled to a passing grade without the effort and work involved, because they are, well Snowflakes.

I have looked high and low for the word "prejudism" as used by Herman, if any one can find it please let me know.


Not quite Mark, if you don't have anything useful to contribute then please just read, and think the comments to yourself.

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Do NOT make this a personal agenda against each other.

As for publicly giving details by those who are in a class-action lawsuit, will not allow those posts.

If you have taken legal action, it's best not to discuss it anyway as it may hurt your case.

If you have come here for the sole purpose to gather information to bolster your lawsuit, please stop as this is against the TOS regarding self-promotion.

Again, PLEASE stop any and ALL inflammatory remarks to each other.

This thread WILL be closed if you do not cease and desist.

I'm currently attending a particular nursing school, andI can say it hasn't been a pleasant experience for me thus far. It's incredibly cutthroat, and I was wondering is this is a norm for nursing school.?

I am a past VTC graduate...and now being an a field of some pull, I would hire a VTC graduate over most other graduates from other programs. There are always problems in every program. the one situation you had is a very small situation which I'm sure comes to blame from the one complaining as well as some part of the college. Some are not made for the program, and some do not make it through. If you are not going to be a good nurse, I can see how you would have a hard time, and find a way to "blame" others for your short comings. VTC probably did the area a favor but "weeding" out those who can not perform to their standards. Check the passing rates. 100% for LPN graduates, one of 4 colleges in the nation with that scoring...and might I add that VTC had almost 200 graduates in the program compared to the other 3 programs that had less than 50! the RN program is also WAY above the national passing well as the other schools in the state. I did not go to a southern site of Vermont, but with the Northern part...and the education and instruction was amazing. I know this is continuing, because we prefer VTC graduates!!! No program is 100% perfect, but more so, look at what you put into it and not the small things that bother you in a stressfull situation. It's a great school...worth the stress &'s nursing, not automechanics, we save lives...not engines! no take-backs!

Excuse me Carrie....But, I graduated from Vt Technical Colleges nursing program. I disagree with you! I found the instructors helpful, and to be quite honest....they challenged me to strive to do my very best. Someones life depends on a high standard of care. THis college pushed me to excellence.

SO, I am sorry, I feel your words are misleading. I feel this is a college with high standards. I am sorry that you do not feel this way. I am a nurse, that got ALOT from my education here, and feel that you may have said things that would discourage a student from getting a quality education! Best of luck in your endeavors, however, I will not be any part of it!

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